Monday, April 24, 2017

Die Radio Die!!!!

Awww, too bad.  Another dinosaur, gallbladder piece of the baby boomer economy going away.

I'll take that bit of your market, thank you very much NewsPaper/Radio/Television/Publishing industry.  And I sincerely hope all you ex journalists, television media and radio types frantically do your best to find a way to pay for your retirement these next 20 years. 

Hey, I hear the Huffington Post will let you work there for free!!!


Yes to 'Freewill', No to 'Freebird' said...

Yeah, I get it now ...

I'm going to need Internet in my vehicle just to listen to what used to be radio.

But look on the bright side: maybe American music will start to suck less, once it has to compete, and there may still be room left for that old station that plays CLASSIC RÅWK from the days when people actually had to learn how to play their instruments.

Also, maybe there's a New York startup that needs a funky new HQ, because there's soon going to be one on the market for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

Anonymous said...

I am all in for "die monopoly die" but I want to retain a wide selection of locally owned radio stations. Locally owned can only happen of the monopoly is broken up.

Thus, I can not buy "die radio die." Only "die monopoly die."

Maple Curtain said...

C'mon, Aaron. You're the economist. Read the article. "Operating profit $114 million." This is all due to LBOs, which should be banned, as they only operate to destroy companies and enrich the 'facilitators' or underwriters and the sharks looking to asset strip.