Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cover for the New Essay

Finally found the right font and layout I wanted for the new essay.  Once again, a reminder that it is an ESSAY, not a book as it is only about 40-50 pages.  Also, if you are already actively practicing minimalism and are aware of its benefits, this book will largely be a review, though a MUCH MORE THOROUGH application of using the love for your fellow man as a means by which to eliminate materialism in your life, and consequently therefore, drastically improving your finances.  Ergo, if you are interested in the philosophy of what's most important in life, yes, you will want to read it.  But if you've already attained this level of philosophy and understanding it will perhaps be merely entertaining.


Anonymous said...

That mispositioned 7 makes my eye twitch.

Anonymous said...

Something you should know Cappy:

A toilet law school in California called Whittier is closing. The parent college decided the school was a total failure factory, and pulled the plug. The recession finally hits Higher Ed!