Saturday, April 22, 2017


They're just so great and wonderful and they love the children.

Perhaps a little too much.

But it's OK, because they're teeeeeeaaacheeeeerrrrsss, the most preciously wonderful people on the planet!  And since they're leftists it's OK if they're child rapists and kidnappers.


Un Americano said...

Reverse the sexes and it would be, "Where were those teachers when I was in school??"

Faithless Cynic said...

I hope they " accidentally " place this guy in general population due to a " clerical error " That poor kid is probably fucked for life.

David Jravis said...

The link above shows the picture of the 15 year old girl, Elizabeth Thomas, who was, according to the story, kidnapped by the teacher. I have a gut feeling that this kid was not quite the unwilling victim that she's portrayed to be.

Also, these two were spotted together by a Wal-Mart security camera. Why didn't she make a break for it then? The place is filled with shoppers and staff. What stopped her from running from him, yelling "help, this man has kidnapped me!"?

Also, note this segment from Aaron's link:

Cummins was cooperative with law enforcement, Siskiyou Sheriff Jon E. Lopey told the Associated Press. He said the girl was at times "laughing, crying and acting stoic" after police found her at the remote cabin.

"These two had a relationship to the extent where she didn't exhibit any anger toward him. I didn't observe any emotional distress," he said. "She didn't act like a rescued person would act," showing no signs of elation, he said. She appeared fine physically, Lopey said, and there were no signs of trauma.

Don't misunderstand, I am NOT defending this guy. He's a verifiable scumbag, and I'm glad he's caught. He's gonna have himself a rough time in prison. I understand inmates like to "play" with guys like this. I'm also not saying that the kid isn't a victim. I'm just saying there's more going on here.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn Cappy.... I know there are shit teachers out there and the lefties have a strange hold on curriculum... But didn't you have ANY positive interactions with educators???

Anonymous said...


This is very disturbing to watch. When will more men speak out about this?

Apparently, according to the comment section of the video, the video was apparently even removed.

Tucanae Services said...

Teachers are not even in the same league as Child Protective Service organizations run by most states. Go take a look at the situation in Kentucky and you will understand.