Friday, April 28, 2017

The Left Values Their Ideology More Than Life Itself

Especially if it's yours.

The rest of the country better start waking up to the fact these people will drive the bus off the cliff and kill everybody with it.  Specifically, the rest of the country better start drawing the line of letting immigrants in who have no intention of becoming Americans or working for a living.  And they better grow a spine because they're going to be called all sorts of names that end with "ist" for daring to insist on the right to living and not being enslaved to a welfare-parasite class.

Oh wait!

That's right!

I don't have kids!

Never mind!  Enjoy the decline!


YIH said...

I see you finally took notice of ''immigration''. I guess you've noticed if idiots bring Black Hawk Down to Minnesota, they might just create Black Hawk Down II: Minnedishu.

Faithless Cynic said...

Limit immigration? Perish the thought! Immigration is great so long as the Muzzies are shipped to blue states with high population density. Let the blue libs deal with the occasional musloid who goes all Jihadi on someone's ass. Let the blues deal with yet another permanent welfare class. Just don't ship the scum to my small, mostly rural, red area within a blue state community. We have enough problems with the local meth and crack heads.

Anonymous said...

633. "What about all the countless and rapidly escalating symptoms of decline then?" — The bigger and stronger you get, the more you eat and drink, and therefore the more you piss and shit. How hard is this simple truth of life for you retards to grasp?

Jay said...

Was just thinking of the topic of the linked article yesterday.

Wouldn't it be grand if we could have every person with an incurable, deadly, communicable disease have said disease plainly and unmistakably labeled on whatever ID the state/govment issues?

"I really like you want to come back to my place?"

"Hmmm... Let me see your driver's license." License reads: AIDS, TB, Herpes...
"...No, I like living."