Friday, April 28, 2017

The Hungerless Hunger Strike

Only leftist, academians could come up with something so utterly worthless and hypocritical.


Anonymous said...

What nonsense! That's not a hunger strike... they just wait until hunger strikes. Man... what a world.

YIH said...

Nothing new Cappy:
DELANO, CALIF. — Jesse Jackson pledged Sunday to take up the water-only fast of Cesar Chavez when the farm-labor leader decides to end his hunger strike, which entered its 30th day Monday.

Jackson, who met with Chavez, president of the United Farm Workers, at Chavez`s home here, said he plans to fast for three days after Chavez ceases the fast, in hopes of launching a continuing mass protest against unsafe working conditions that Chavez alleges against California grape growers.

``Cesar cannot bear the cross alone. The suffering must be shared,``

Jackson told a news conference at the union`s headquarters in this farming community outside Bakersfield.

During an outdoor farmworker rally that 2,000 people attended, Jackson called on supporters throughout the nation to take on the fast as ``a chain of suffering,`` to continue as long as they see fit. Actors Martin Sheen and Robert Blake, who were with Jackson at the press conference, volunteered to fast after Jackson`s three days.

Note the date on the article, you were probably playing 'Super Mario Bros.' at the time.

Southern Man said...

The Yale College Republicans apparently held a barbecue near the hunger strike venue.

favill said...

As the saying goes...Only academics can argue that Communism works. So, it's not surprising their definition of hunger strike involves eating when one is hungry.

seattle said...

That's it, I've seen, heard and felt my motivation........won the lottery and I'm going on a hor sex strike.

Anonymous said...

Also, only leftists could launch a protest over unfair pay when they receive the equivalent of 70k/year + benefits (Stipend+their 40k tuition+their health care) for working a job right out of undergrad.

Anonymous said...

I love the camaraderie and solidarity with the students' cause and the National Farm Workers Association,

"Local 33 posted a video about the strike on their Facebook page, including quotes endorsing their fast from co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association Dolores Huerta and vice chair of the Democratic National Committee Maria Elena Durazo."

I am sure none of these Yaley clodhoppers runs the risk of returning to El Centro to work the fields when their teaching assistantships expire.