Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New York's Free Tuition Devil in the Details

Apparently you can't just leave New York after getting your free tuition.  You are apparently the state's bitch for 4 years.

The good news, for leftist New York and the rest of the country, is they are about to be educating the most worthless, unintelligent generation of New York children who are going to be choosing worthless degrees.  This will not only cost New York taxpayers a hefty penny, but it will cost them additional monies as this army of unemployable liberal arts majors are guaranteed to drive up their welfare and unemployment costs.  THis will not only make New York crappier than it already is, but punish a much-deserving blue state with it's own idiotic leftist policies.

Alas "Escape from New York" is more relevant than ever.


miforest said...

My go , It's like the USSR. One of the excuses they used to use to keep their population captive in the communist Bloc was " we've paid for your education , pay us back and you can leave. " and of course nobody there could accumulate the amount they valued it at.

It will be funny to see them try to enforce it.

liberranter said...

It really is impossible to feel sorry for anybody who thinks that the State gives away anything without strings --well, actually, often steel shackles-- attached. Such people who do believe such a fantasy are, quite frankly, mentally retarded and do not merit a college education in the first place, nor even the shallow indoctrination that passes for one these days.

Anonymous said...

Hm. Isn't that slavery?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the State of New York passing a Fugitive Slave Act. I'm torn. If someone escapes from New York and gets to America, should they not be free? But then again, they were raised as slaves and to support the extension of slavery to our country. Might it not be better to send them back to wreak havoc on the hostile foreign country they come from?

It may turn on whether you believe that New Yorkers have souls.

Subotai Bahadur