Friday, April 28, 2017

Ladies, Just Get the Fuck Out of Our Way

The Rant of the Day


Anonymous said...

You forgot to say its called WOMANSPLAINING.
- Yes, look up what they accuse men of: MANSPLAINING.

seattle said...

When you eat a bad meal and it makes you puke or gives you an allergic reaction, we're done. That's it, never again we move forward as men and never look back. But I have yet to date a girl who was "mistreated & victimized" by a horrible ex that WILL NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM. Let it go, let those 30 degrees of horrible life experiences behind you and move forward. They just can't let go because they have to consistently point out how they were wronged to forever throw smoke screens to their short comings and how they were true bitch dicks.

That old bitch could not let him acknowledge he was right to order what was going to make him happy.

Anonymous said...

Femsplaning, rolls a little better...

LBD said...

You think there's no such thing as mannagging? I am a really good cook, and I've been turning out meals for five decades. I can do a complete Thanksgiving or Passover feast for 20 people without breaking a sweat, make my own pate brisee, etc.

My beloved husband of 35 years had an illness about ten years ago which permanently destroyed his sense of smell and taste. He's impervious to our rose garden or a fire in the breaker panel.

Does that stop him from being a fussbudget food critic? Not on your life. Something will be on the stove, he'll come along and " taste" it and tell me it's got too much of this or too little of that.

After that many years of marriage, and with him having fewer faults than I can count on one hand, I just laugh.

Faithless Cynic said...

Ah wise and noble one, you are missing the point of nagging. Nagging should actually be called AUTOMATIC FEMINIST DISAGREEMENT. I am married to a feminist and here is how it goes. This is an actual conversation!

Her - Why are you taking the car to the garage?
Me - You are going on a long trip and the battery is over 5 years old, I want the battery load tested.
Her - The battery is fine! Blah blah Pissing away money blah blah Unneeded repairs blah blah Wasting money
Took the car to a good local garage and the battery failed load testing, got a new battery for 85 bucks. Came home.
Me - The battery failed and I bought a new one.
Her - Humph (glares)

Feminist law states that no feminist can ever agree with an EVUUL MAAN and must object to anything the man does or suggests. AUTOMATIC FEMINIST DISAGREEMENT was the reason for the argument about coffee and my car battery. I should have let my spawn of Satan man hater wife get stuck with a dead battery. Does anyone have a can opener to remove this white painted suit of armor I seem to be stuck in?

Take The Red Pill said...

seattle said...
"...But I have yet to date a girl who was "mistreated & victimized" by a horrible ex that WILL NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM."

It's what I call "Victimology", which is the new religion of the Left. It's their substitute for Christianity where the worshippers worship themselves for their Victimhood. To be a member, you HAVE to be a 'Victim' of somebody that the Left hates -- usually, White heterosexual males (who are NEVER a Victim of ANYONE at any time for any reason).
Females of any race can be a Victim of any male of any race -- BUT they CANNOT be a Victim of gay females, as that is against PC rules.
At present, the Victims who have the greatest Victimhood are African-American gay trans 'special needs' divorced females with Spanish surnames who are also survivors of harassment and substance abuse.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all wasting time and energy writing long winded replies on this topic. Simply ignore these bitches and move along. If they get in your face physically then you have the legal right to knock their teeth out in defense...then move along. No more complicated than that!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Aaron,

I know that through your rage, it's only because you have a lot of empathy. I do worry about your blood pressure because of the role you've taken on to be professional asshole, but thank you for your insights.

Joe Richards said...

Cappy, a super excellent post as always. I do have comments on the commenters-"You guys are for the most part talking about other things entirely." This is just about "femsplaing".

Anyway, I have been married several decades and have adult children. You can do the math and that comes to -forever. This phenomena was explained very well in "Men are from mars and women are from Venus". In a nutshell woman are socialized to interact and socialize ABOUT FUCKING EVERYTHING! Men on the other hand are socialized to be competent and independent. So the man rule is "If I want your advice, I will ask for it. If you offer unsolicited advice, you are challenging my competence and are insulting me". Women violate this rule with their man just about every time they open their mouths. They can't help it. I did get some reprieve because my wife also read the book, and now I can tell her that she is violating the man rule and is right this moment insulting me with her "femsplaining". Most of the time I just dial my reception of her voice frequency down to .01 and start thinking about how cute the girl making the starbucks coffee is.

Anonymous said...

Joe, You hit the nail right on the head... well said!

I have to say I am surprised to hear that book has that kind of comment in it, I always thought the book was for stupid women and how to change and feminize their man... now that I know different, I will have to give it a go. Thank you!

You sound like my guy, except he would not be caught dead in a Starbucks! lol