Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why You Want Might to Reconsider Moving to Australia

Long ago, when John Howard was Prime Minister of Australia, I looked at Oz with a jealous eye.  They had good economic growth, low unemployment, balanced budgets, low debts, and sun.  A whooooole lot of sun.

But then I met Adam Piggott and I knew a report from an Agent in the Field was infinitely better than all the EIU, OECD, and IMF reports I'd read across the other side of the globe.  Which is interesting, because the man is leaving Australia for Europe.

Definitely worth the read if Oz was on your list of Plan B's for America as it's turned into a 2nd world diversity affirmative action circus.

The essay is almost done and writing will return to a normal schedule soon.


David Jravis said...

Adam makes a good point about it being too easy to become a citizen of Australia, due to its young history. America has the same problem. Any foreigner, regardless of his lack of willingness to actually BECOME American, can legally become an American, all the while keeping his culture, traditions and ideologies.

I used to think that the fact that anyone could become an American, regardless of where they came from, as a strength of this country. I've come to understand that it's now a weakness, especially due to the masses of immigrants, legal and illegal, from third world countries, as opposed to those from Europe, who were much more willing to adapt and integrate to our ways and culture.

tpkeefe said...

As Adam notes in his post, Australia is isolated, and this is the thing that kept me from going there once upon a time, too -- unless I worked for a company that provided me with the necessities and an escape hatch if things got too bad.

I'd saw New Zealand is even worse -- more isolated, less natural resources, and more leftist indoctrination.

Black Poison Soul said...

Australia is nice to visit. So is New Zealand (I'm from NZ). The thing about the whole leftist indoctrination is that you can GTF away from it.

In the case of Australia, there are plenty of small places you can get away from the lunatics. The place is nearly the size of America and has a much smaller population.

Ditto for New Zealand, there's less than 5 million people on a couple of islands the size of England.

So it depends what you're wanting to do when it comes to going to a place. If you want to work (make big bucks) and socialize, you're stuck with the lefties no matter where you go. If you enjoy being alone or prefer to not talk with the retards, you can definitely find places to be.

But then, you can do that wherever you are, too. There's no need to hang around the types of people you dislike. It's called freedom of association - no matter how much the left "disapproves" of it, if you're enjoying the decline, you don't have to pay the lefties even a flyspeck of attention.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect when their roots are from the UK. Socialism to the bitter end!! And it will be bitter!!!

It's really too bad. I've spent time in NZ and loved it, but the socialism makes it a bad permanent choice for a conservative.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

I'm inclined to agree. You know something reeks when the Conservatives can't even stop the debt brought in by only two terms of a Left wing government, let alone reverse it.
Our current PM is the most left wing conservative we've ever had.
We're constantly being told we stole all of the land from the natives, yet we're told we should keep bringing in more economic refugees. Don't know how a few hundred thousand aborigines ever travelled the whole of Australia, let alone owned it.
Our taxpayer funded network the ABC employs Muslim women who claim that Islam is the "most feminist religion" and let her score political points on the one day set aside to honour Veterans.
It basically canonized Rosie Batty, a woman whose ex killed their son before being shot by police, yet cover up any mention of anything she may have done to antagonize the guy (see the video that shows the police interrogation that 'shows' he's mentally imbalanced, yet whole minutes were cut out, making one wonder what the police were saying to him to wind him up before he reacted), but hide the details of a case where a woman killed EIGHT children (to multiple father's, but one of them wasn't hers). Not one father interviewed, her case barely made the papers for a day before moving on, but we're still having Batty in our faces years after the event, telling us how dangerous men are.
The great thing about Europe is that there's no white guilt for crimes (invented or true) against indigenous people.
Perhaps the people of Australia should do what South Americans did during the South American independence from Spain and Portugal and leave the place back for their country of origin. They'd already sent most of the gold home, so no point in continuing to fight for the castle after it's been raided and is now burning.
Anyone who wants to stay can, but they're on their own.
The one advantage Asians have over whites here is that they don't care about native title and can claim 'it wasn't me', where a white European who arrived yesterday will still be held morally responsible for stealing land, a bit like how a white European from a country that never had slaves is still blamed for slavery after they arrive in the USA.
Staying and fighting back is also hard because anyone who points out the above will be tracked down and lynched (be it literally or publically outed with the intent to destroy livelihood), as is the way of the Left.

Anonymous said...

Well... one can wonder what he's going to find in Europe vs. what he's hoping for. I wouldn't be too optimistic. It's all in a down spiral at the time. As if there was some competition going on about who's going to fuck up the most first.