Monday, April 17, 2017

But Who Would Want to Work for The New York Times?

No, seriously, who?  Because you can make more just running your own channel.  Heck, just use them as a platform to get a critical mass of followers and then strike out on your own.  Let them pay for those expensive buildings and the rents of their employees while you can just work from the comfort of your own home in Springfield, Illinois for a fraction of the cost.


Unknown said...

Sadly Cappy, having NYT or WaPo on your resume still has cache in the Jurno world. It also validates the Liberal street cred of those so inclined politically.

Not all is about economics. Horrors I know!

matism said...

You ask "Who would want to work for the New York Times?"

The answer is anyone who wants to use their Leftist cache to gain "authenticity" without having to do the work. There's no shortage of Communist "journalist" whores coming out of "higher education" today who have NO work ethic. If they go to work for the Gay Lady and suck the right dick (or lick the right twat), they'll do fine.

And they can run their fetish on the Internet on the side...