Friday, April 07, 2017

You May Now Directly Contact the Captain

Got a new sponsor and service I will be rolling out.  It's called "Praxey" and was started by a libertarian, entrepreneur, the technology of which I think has great potential.

In short it allows you to contact experts, celebrities, or anybody else who has Praxey installed on their phone.  It's like Facetime or Skype for your phone, but allows you to charge for/pay for expertise.  So for example if you are a computer repair guy, THIS IS A MUST because now you can offer your services across the planet and trouble shoot people's problems, get paid, and not have to travel to the site.  For me it allows for "emergency Asshole Consulting" if you have a question or problem and do not have the time (or patience) to send me a request through Asshole Consulting.  And though it may be uncomfortable to think about this, pretty girls can basically charge the millions of desperate, thirsty men to chat with them over their phones now.

I'm under "AssholeConsulting" on Praxey, but regardless, I strongly recommend you install the app.  You can certainly visit the Praxey site, but it is predominantly a phone based technology, so you will have to download it through your Google or iPhone store.

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In other news, Captain Capitalism figured out how to make a few dollars from a few of his richer trolls ... :-)