Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Never Attend Purdue University's School of Engineering

It's now headed up by a worthless affirmative action hire that won't teach you what you need to know, and will make you a poorer engineer than schools that just focus on (of I don't know) fucking engineering???


Pootie Tang said...

I thought about applying to their 12-18 month M.S. chemical engineering program. I nearly shit a brick when I saw that their application asked for a diversity themed essay.

onezeno said...

"de-centering Western civilization"

Well there you go. At least they're honest about their intentions, I guess.

JK Brown said...

Engineering is already a 5-yr program and even that is diluted due to the quantity of useful things needed. This will just kill engineering at Perdue.


seattle said...

I guess the gays will have a new song, "It's raining planes..."

But on the serious side if they mandate this class to men like "toxic masculinity" like Oregon State U & Brown U and require quotas more SJW will enter the classes and engineering will be dumbed down to let more women in. How?


So when your grandpa doesn't get pulled from the fire and you see a fire fighter come out of the house carrying his female comrade over his shoulder, just know that white knight saved that vagina for the hope he might get to "see it or touch it" because she never met or passed the standards that men do.

This is serious shit...

One Fat Oz Guy said...

In Australia the Universities are turning a 4 year engineering degree into a 5 year one by following'the American model'.
Also, in 20 years time people studying MBA's will study how guys like Elon Musk made a fortune off countries stupid enough to make renewables too large a portion of their energy supply.
"You want 100% renewables? I've got massive battery system that goes with it, but don't worry, no one will ever count the cost per MWh of the batteries against any of the renewables".

Tucanae Services said...

Well don't consider Drexel engineering either. They have a white genocidist on the payroll that passes for a 'humanities prof'. As an alumnus I have been raising hell with my alma mater to fire that worthless piece of trash.

Go somewhere else to further notice.

seattle said...

Well, I guess gays will be singing, "It's raining planes, its raining planes..."

Constant lowering of standards endangering safety:

So your grandpa is in a fire and a female firefighter strains her back and can't walk. Do you thing Mr. White-knight-beta firefighter is going to pick up your grandpa or throw the dice by choosing his female coworker for a chance "to touch it"?

Come to think of it, can anyone name a profession where the standards of the profession were raised because the entrance of females raised the bar?

desertoakie said...

HOLY CHIT she sounds like a C*NT!!!