Sunday, April 23, 2017

Warm Fuzzy Story of the Day

Got a comment that deserved to be it's own post in response to "The Best Dating a Girl from Wyoming Story Ever Told.

Thank you for posting this. I went through the exact same bullshit with a hot, sexually talented, former cheerleader, raving fucking alcoholic I worked with. Her pattern was to show up at work drunk, get fired or quit in a huff, then latch onto a beta to live with while she " planned " her next move. I was that beta and did everything possible to keep her, including buying booze. The end came when she dumped me and went to live with a former boyfriend in California. The boyfriend died suddenly due to an overdose of methadone. She told me boyfriend was taking methadone for back pain? :-) :-) All of a sudden, she wanted me to fly her home and wanted to live with me, again. I had enough of this bullshit and told her " If you show up on my doorstep I will drive you to a family member's home and drop you off " She then moved in with her dead boyfriends best friend and convinced him to get engaged. She died suddenly at age 36, probably from liver failure. I went to the funeral and family members told me they had done everything to get her to quit drinking. Very sad as she was a highly talented writer and she killed herself and wasted her life.

My thoughts 16 years later? The sex was amazing but it was not worth the drama and upset. I am just glad I did not marry the flake or get AIDS. 

Know this and know this well young men.  The prettier a girl is, the easier the world has gone on her, to the point she is unable to support herself and only knows parasitism as a means to survival.  But while so many get out of jail free cards seem to give these girls a life of luxury, in the end, it condemns them to a hellish existence once her attitude becomes unbearable or her looks fade.

There is equality, equilibrium, and justice in all things.  You often times just don't see it.


Carl said...

Don't go MGTOW and don't stick your dick in crazy. Rock meet hard place.

Sdv1949 said...

Shorter: The fucking I was getting wasn't worth the fucking I was getting.

Tucanae Services said...

My God I guess I have done something right for once! Proud to say my daughter has a job, has made a few minor investments and can support herself. Not high style, but she can put a roof over her head and food on the table. She was a model in her younger days but I always told her 'if they can't find you pretty they better find you practical.' She lives it.

Jim Scrummy said...

"There is equality, equilibrium, and justice in all things. You often times just don't see it."

100 percent correct!

Two times in my life, I allowed myself to let the little head to do the thinking for my big head. Yeah, those were self-inflicted wounds on myself. Luckily, nothing bad happened (other than wounded pride), and it was funny how when I stopped giving an shattle about what other people think about me, particularly women, I was instantly more attractive to women. Wasn't an a-hole, but I wasn't a beta bitch anymore either. Don't be a beta bitch, because women will use and abuse you, then toss you aside, no questions asked.

Today, I've been told by many (SJWs) I am a "knuckle-dragging neanderthal", which I naturally take as a compliment. I like to think I am to the right of Attila the Hun. Again, don't be a beta bitch, it gets you no where in life.

Alice De Goon said...

Women who depend too much on their looks probably drink like crazy, knowing that one day the lottery money they were given at birth will run out. Rather than invest their capital in a long term scheme (locking down a quality husband,) they prefer to slowly poison themselves with booze, hoping the day they hit the wall is the day they croak.

This makes me think about the movie "Fatal Attraction", with Glenn Close playing a carousel rider desperate to lock down an Alpha husband. She's still attractive enough to hook any one of her beta male sclhub colleagues, but she tries seducing Michael Douglas instead and flips out when he deals with her triflingly. The guy who left the comment should be glad his boozehound girlfriend didn't show up on his doorstep with a knife in hand, determined to take him down with her.

Paul, Dammit! said...

I blame fathers more than some when it comes to events like this story. Raising a daughter to be a princess or to discount the value of being in a nuclear family, placing a premium on access to the lukewarm hole between her legs, these are important. Far moreso is living as a good example. Being in an intact nuclear family is still the best insurance against women's lives turning into the dumpster fire that pop culture insists is not an empty meaningless void.
The easiest way to do this is still the one that people are most quick to dismiss. Doing things in the right order. Having kids AFTER marriage, but early on for the woman, in her prime years, not while she's already post-Wall. No kid should have to see peri-menopausal mothers before they're adults.
For men, this means that our decisions, especially on choosing a wife, must be good ones. Choosing a loser means that the sins of the father become the sins of the children.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those pretty, pretty Wyoming girls. They're so pretty that you won't see what's lurking underneath! Pretty, pretty devil girls of Wyoming, roaming in herds! With their long hair, long legs, pert bums, skinny arms and lush bosoms. Don't let the unbelievable beauty of Wyoming girls fool you! They're so beautiful in Wyoming that men get distracted!