Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Economics of Catholic Subsidiarity

New sponsor and one that I think will pique the interests of a more than average amount of Cappy Cappites - The Economics of Catholic Subsidiarity.

I'll post the book description below, but it makes the argument/case for free market principles of economics within the Catholic church and Catholicism.  He also takes a swipe at the leftist politics infecting the church, most notably that fake pope you guys have posing in the Vatican (I don't actually know, I just like ripping apart your communist pope).  Regardless, it is available on Amazon.

I may actually read the damn thing because I enjoy watching people square the cold, harsh, realities of economics with human idealism in the form of religion.  I'll admit I've lost a bit of my soul not really caring what happens to the future of the world and gone down more of a route of stoicism.  So I do tip my hat to the men and women who still adhere to a moral code, such as religion, and go the extra step to make cogent arguments as to how it parlays and functions within the cold, hard world of economics. Regardless consider purchasing a copy or two.


"This book starts with basic philosophical principles coupled with relevant Papal Encyclicals to arrive at a free market economics the Catholic Church has historically labeled Subsidiarity. A must read for Catholics tired of the socialism and Liberation Theology heard preached from the pulpit and read about in "Catholic" media. The quotes from the Papal Encyclicals alone are worth the price of the book."

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