Thursday, April 27, 2017

IQ of College Students Dropping Like a Rock

I could do without the racial reference being unnecessarily forced in, but IQ has dropped a full standard deviation since the 1960's.

I often wonder why the college bubble continues on and how young kids just don't wake up and get it. Then I realize they are the epitome of normies, sheep, and idiots and Big Education is targeting them.


Anonymous said...

I think you may have inspired someone and if so, good job!

Unknown said...

Actually without Affirmative Action there wouldn't be a racial component here, but we all know there is with the obvious lowering of entrance standards. I've often thought that Jethro Bodine could have been a brain surgeon if he was black. His six grade education and "ciphering" math skills is probably better than the low rent black "intellectuals" that get in with SATs so low, the color of their skin is the only way they ever got in.

Unknown said...

I had taken for granted that the average IQ for a US college graduate waas 115, but as these data suggest, I believe that was a gross overestimation.

I saw concrete evidence of this when I was, for a time, an experimental psych graduate student at UNM. Part of our training included learning to administer the WAIS, and the usual canon fodder was provided: undergraduate Psych 101 students. A baseball-cap-wearing, agreeable, normal seeming white freshman came in and scored a 92 IQ. WTF? Completely blew my mind.

Clearly the Idiocracy had already blossomed.

Glen Filthie said...

Oh, stop clutching at your pearls and swooning, Aaron.

Carefully not being said is that college used to be a 'white male' institution. The most prestigious and exclusive universities were attended by almost exclusively white males.

When you open up the doors of these institutions to race whores and feminist grievance mongerers - they are going to drag the IQ down.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Actually I had the misfortune of going back to college to get a Bachelor's, and was shocked at the lack of academic curriculum that was offered at the State College. It was ridiculous. These are just Marxist Re-education Camps now. It was like going to school behind the Iron Curtain or North Korea. Karl Marx and every Leftist in History is horned into just about the whole damn place. Anyone who believes we "won" the Cold War should take a semester to go to see this in person. I suppose if you are just pushing Leftist and Marxist drivel, that IQ and academic credentials are meaningless, and what you recruit is populations that you expect to be MOST RECEPTIVE to brainwashing and conditioning in Marxism.