Monday, April 10, 2017

New Sponsor - Steve's Jerky!

A new sponsor to  Cappy's ever growing and expanding Online Media Empire -


$150 bucks for a gallon sized ziploc of hand-sliced homemade beef jerky!

Marinated for 3 days in cajun seasonings. Steve covers the shipping.

Pet/child/smoke free operation. All meat carefully handled with nitrile gloves and outstanding hygiene.

Raving endorsements from two of Cappy's close personal friends, Mrs. Lokken and  The Inimitable Mr. Jamison.

$150 bucks will get you enough protein to last a year in a post apocalyptic world. 

Do not delay or dither, visit Steve's Facebook page now and get your gallon sized ziploc bag of Steve's beef jerky!

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