Friday, July 27, 2012

60 Seconds to Exposed Flawed Logic

I'll tell you another story.

Went out last night to kill time before I'd inevitably get sleepy and could entertain falling asleep.  Chose to go to "the" bar in town where most of the socializing occurs.  UPon my arrival I see another middle aged woman who is a friend (does this story sound familiar?) with her younger 21 year old daughter.  She introduces me to her daughter and then goes on ad infinitum to tell her about how great my girlfriend is (my girlfriend made a HUGE impression upon this lady).  I show her daughter a picture and the young lady is quite impressed.

So time goes on and a tall, built, affable young man (21 years old or so) comes up and puts his arms around the mother and the daughter.  He's inebriated, but a happy inebriated.  He says in a loud happy tone, "Hello!  How are you doing girls!?"

The girls are very happy to see him, "Oh hi Steve!!!"

The mother then continues on to explain to me, "Oh, Steve and my daughter dated in the 8th grade.  He's the sweetest nicest guy there ever was."

Steve went on to say in a somewhat joking manner, "Yeah, until your daughter broke my heart."

The daughter smiled, still underneath his arm, "Yes, but I love him just the same, he's the sweetest, nicest guy." she reiterated.

The guy then looks at me, and point blank says, "Yeah, but that doesn't get me anywhere.  I'm always nice and kind and I still don't get any of the girls."

I looked at him and said, "So what do you think that tells you?"

He sat there a second or two and inevitably said, "I shouldn't be nice or kind?"

I said, "Right!  You have to be the bad boy.  YOu have to be unreliable.  You have to lift weights, maybe get a tattoo, do your own thing and put girls about 3rd or 4th on your list."

Naturally the women disagreed.  And what transpired was the most outstanding visual display of hypocrisy I've ever seen.

The girl who dumped him and "still loves him" because he's a "nice guy" and her mother who also really likes him because he was a "nice guy" immediately turned to him and said, "No!!! No!!!  Don't listen to him!  You just keep being a nice guy!  Girls like nice guys, not the bad boys he's describing!"

I couldn't help but laugh a bit.  Right there in front of me was a poor 21 year old kid who OBSERVED being a good guy did nothing to help him get the girls.  AND underneath his arm was the empirical proof.  AND then when I merely confirm that his observation was correct, that he should not be the nice boy, the EMPIRICAL PROOF (and her mother) immediately tells him I'm wrong.  It was hilarious.

I didn't want to point out the obvious, that the dame that broke his heart several years ago was dating somebody-not-him.  So I went another route.

"Wait, wait, wait!"  I said to the mother.  "If I'm so wrong, then how come I got a great girlfriend that you're so fond of?  How could I land a girl like that if I was a bad boy?"

The look in the mother's eye knew I had in about 60 seconds just exposed their flawed logic.  I looked at the kid,

"Look, kid.  They've never tried to date girls.  They're women.  Whatever advice they give you isn't going to work.  You've already realized being a nice guy doesn't work and here I am, telling you to be the bad boy and I'm the one with a girlfriend THAT THE MOTHER CAN'T SPEAK HIGHLY ENOUGH OF.  I didn't get this girl or any of the other girls by being a sappy, reliable, nice guy.  I did it by driving a motorcycle, excelling in several fields and talents, doing my own thing and being indifferent, aloof, confidence and NOT NICE."

They still tried to fight for the "Nice Status Quo."  Still had to keep this poor boy in The Matrix.

"No, don't listen to him!  Motorcycles are alright, but you HAVE to be nice.  Girls don't like..."

They continued on, but I pulled out a picture of my girlfriend and shoved it in his face.

His inebriated eyes opened, obviously liking what he saw.

I then said, "Yes, whatever you do DON'T listen to me.  I DON'T know what I'm talking about."

I think the mother knew the battle was lost.  She couldn't have sung my girlfriend's praises and then claim I didn't know what I was doing.  Additionally the empirical proof under his other arm being a nice guy didn't work, didn't help their cause either.  In the end, yes he may have only been 21, and, yes, he may have been drunk, but I do believe he took the red pill.

And thus we can add one more to our ranks.


Anonymous said...

great job

Aurini said...

This is how you want them to look at you:

Amy said...

You need to print out business cards with a handy-dandy linkie list for guys you meet, Cappy's blog included.

You could probably be charging for this service.

James Wolfe said...

I'm one of the nice guys. I can't help it it's ingrained in me, but I've learned to control it. I'm nice to women that are friends, and women that I work with up to a certain point, but out in public or in social settings I completely ignore them. I refuse to play the game because frankly they're not worth the effort. I've got a million things higher on my list than dealing with women. They are nice to look at but too high maintenance to operate.

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

What's that they say about madness? That it's doing the same thing and expecting different results?

He probably took the red pill home with him. As for whether or not he acts on it and internalizes it - that's going to be the real threshold to cross. Overcoming a lifetime of indoctrination isn't easy.

beta_plus said...

Bravo! That was a wonderful thing for you to do.

Anonymous said...

Unless he seeks you out later, he will revert to type.

Captain, how much time do you spend in bars? From you anecdotes you spend a LOT of time there.

Badger said...

That is one of the most direct ways to the red pill - show a guy the absolutely bonkers contrast between what women tell guys to do and be, and what the men do and are who get lots of women.

Women love to throw up counterexamples of some simpering sensitive dude who wound up with a hot girl. Exceptions prove themselves.

Take The Red Pill said...

This sounds a lot like the daughter didn't get 'da tingles' and was attempting to 'save the guy "for later"' when she turns thirty/hears her clock ticking down or gets kicked off the carousel, and then needs a 'Good Man' to retire on.

You didn't mention any information about the mom's marital status -- did she do that same thing and then divorce the girl's father because she wasn't haaaapppy anymore?

Andrew said...

I just want to say, through random internet searching I found Dalrock, and by a link, this site too, and I have to say, you guys are really doing a service to let the rest of us know truths. It's just, a life changer. There's the lies girls tell you, and the truths guys can find.

In summary, thank you, and press on. Sites like these are public services to guys, more vital to life than fire departments, haha.

The Private Man said...

"You just keep being a nice guy! Girls like nice guys..."

Why do women always tell such egregious lies to men? Because they're supposed to. It's a social expectation, nothing more. It's something in polite company to keep the status quo in favor of the female reproductive imperative.

If enough men finally figured out the truth, what would happen to all the beta providers and orbiters?

Most women are terrified of the Red Pill.

The Private Man said...

I had much the same experience but with a different hamster: