Friday, July 20, 2012

A Very Cappy Cap Cynical Prediction

the father could not be reached for comment.

Just wait for it.  Waiiiiiit for it.

Regardless of whether i'm proven correct or not, my condolences to the families.  It is horrible just as it is confusing.


Anonymous said...

How many marriage proposals does he get in prison? Just like this guy:

CBMTTek said...

Cue the Lib/Dem/Socialist/Commie congressional call for gun control in 3...2...1... and go!

Izanpo said...

Cappy, you say "no dad".
I say long term Xanax/Paxil/Prozac exposure.

Unknown said...

Good guess, but not this time,

Johnny Was said...

Here is another clue to why the shooter hated humanity:

"After high school, Holmes received a bachelor's degree in neuroscience from the University of California, Riverside, but could not find a job after returning to San Diego several years ago. For a year or so, he worked part-time at a McDonald's, according to Tom Mai, who lives near the Holmes family in San Diego."

Graduated at the top of his class in neuroscience, and ended up with a part time McJob. Just awful.

James Wolfe said...

Hope 'n' Change y'all!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Was, nothing says he was "at the top of his class," and honestly I don't know what you do with a bachelor's in neurosci that ISN'T kind of a McJob. You either go on to get a Ph.D. (which he started to do then dropped out) or an MD. It's not a really really useful degree. There's enough doctorates in neuro running around looking for high-paying jobs that you have no marginal utility.

Johnny Was said...

@ Anonymous, it didn't say he was top of his class in that particular passage but it did say that in a different article. I think he also may have graduated summa cum laude.

Point taken about the neuroscience degree but it is still a STEM degree, and you can bet that he was told it would lead to excellent career prospects when he started the program. It's a far cry from "Native American Studies" or "Ancient Literature". Sure, that degree doesn't entitle him to a glamorous dream job but it should get him a hell of a lot more than a part-time stint at Mickie Ds.

Also, he did start his PhD program. Maybe he could see the writing on the wall and realized how much debt he would graduate with versus how much he could expect to earn in this perpetually deteriorating McEconomy. Maybe that is what pushed him over the edge and made him drop the program and spend his remaining money on arms.

Or, maybe he was part of a larger conspiracy, what with the timing being a week away from the UN Smal Arms Treaty vote. Wouldn't put anything past these bastards. It was only a mere couple hours before all the carefully prepared stories were trotted out calling for tighter gun control.