Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Captain Mobile

Saw this on my way back from Minneapolis.  Tempted to purchase it, but it would not be minimalism.  That being said, redoing the interior with white leopard print would be awesome:


Anonymous said...

Buy it! It would go perfectly with the white polyester suit.

CBMTTek said...

That looks like a mid 70s Mercury Marquis Coupe. (Could be a Lincoln though, my recollection of the hood ornaments is a bit fuzzy these days.)

Good car, came with that 351, or the 400 ci. engine, about a ton of BALLS when properly tuned. Could fit about 8 people comfortably, and the engine is pretty easy to work on.

I would highly recommend acquiring. The body looks to be in fantastic shape, and even if the engine requires a complete rebuild, that is not terribly pricey.

One thing that I would definately add though would be this:

Carnivore said...

My guess would be a 72 - 73 Lincoln - the rectangular hood ornament, the grill and the opera windows. Don't forget that 1971 was the gas crunch/pollution controls cutoff year. 1972 engines were anemic compared to their 1971 equivalents.

A classy man like the Captain in a classy white suit needs a REALLY classy car. My pick, if we're going to stay with post-WWII Lincolns, would be a '62 with suicide doors. And here's the perfect one for the Captain - a black convertible with a white top and black interior. I can see the Captain cruising in it, with a cigar of course. (Naturally, it has a lighter and an ash tray!)



Theophilus said...

Oh, look at that front overhang. Surely a car looking like as glorious as that can't possibly have proletarian front wheel drive?

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. I'd forgotten how flippin' big the American land yachts could get. Can't see the road closer than 50ft ahead of you with that...

And captain, revise your thinking on minimalism. You could LIVE in that thing. Get a small, "teardrop trailer" to tow and you are all set.

But you need a big arsed set of horns for the front.

mmack said...


The Cap'n has found a PRISTINE condition Gen-U-Wine Lincoln MKV (Produced between 1977 - 79)

See pictures to support claim here: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Lincoln+Mk+V&qpvt=Lincoln+Mk+V&FORM=IGRE


Cap, break out the long folding green and buy 'er. How can anybody who calls himself "Captain" not have a boat? That lux-o-barge is the Queen Mary my man.

And think of how many Strong, Independent, Sassy blondes and brunettes you can tool around with in it. Why, you could christen her Mayflower on account of all the Puritans who come across in it. >:-)

Sweet find.

Anonymous said...

Looks similar to my 1971 Lincoln. 460 engine. Reliable, smooth ride. Drinks lots of gas. A bit of a bitch to start in the winter unless it is plugged in.

Anonymous said...

I drove a 79 Lincoln continental in highschool. That car was sweet.