Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cognac for the Chillllldreeeeennnn

I want to know when we on the right will start to see through the "shield" the left uses and hides behind (the chillllldreeeeennn), not worry about being accused of hating children, and start exposing them for the parasites they truly are.

I want funded cut to the "poor"...even though this is Canada.


Badger said...

I almost spat out my soda when I read the title on my RSS reader.

This has given me a great idea for my kids' birthday parties (when I have kids).

Lib Arts Major Making 27k/yr At An Office Job said...

They're for the children because children are easier to indoctrinate.

Brevik knew this, which is partly why he targeted Utoya during the youth convention instead of a larger convention with more adult targets.

James Wolfe said...

In southern Appalachia kids are weened on beer in their bottles. Oh the fond memories of childhood, what I can remember of it.