Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Ego Investment"

I have been looking for a word that explains why I can talk to a 50 year old man, who presumably is wiser than me in the ways of life, politics and economics, but in three sentences I find him to not only be spectacularly ignorant about politics and economics, he is WEDDED to his ideology.

Facts I know to be true are dismissed by him.

The opportunity to look it up on the internet are rejected.

Logic I throw at him is ignored. 

There is a pscyhological disease or disorder preventing that human's brain from being rational, logical and intellectually honest.

And I have found that term.

Your vocabulary word of the day is "Ego Investment."

I shall plagiarize it from The Rational Male henceforth.


Anonymous said...

I try never to be too hard on these people, or "sheeple" because it took me FOURTY YEARS to un-do all the brainwashing and be completely red pill.

The sad thing is I was smart enough to understand the individual elements and never put the pieces totally together.

Or maybe I am just dumb :)

Rollo Tomassi said...

Your welcome.


Aurini said...

Related: Keep your identity small.

S.Lynn said...

Sounds like Obama and all his cronies.

Mark W said...

thrWasted the better part of last night in just that kind of conversation...

Epic stupidity and denial

Thankfully the wine was worthy...

Anonymous said...

"getting older doesn't always mean you grow"... such an important pearl of truth. those that equate age with wisdom almost always lack sufficient quantities of the latter.

the fastest way to stymy one's ability to expand their wisdom is to make the assumption that what they know, what they believe, and so forth, has anything to do with who they are... and this includes arbitrary political party lines and other such organizational labels. all these illusory boundary lines do is obfuscate root causes, as well as breed complacency in those that hide behind them.