Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Night Linkage, Brought to You In Part By....

Stupidity.  Yes, it costs us productive members of society more in taxes to pay for the stupid, but it gives us cart-blanche to mock and ridicule them.  Stupidity, what western civilization strove to purge.

Herd Mentality.  Do you have it?  Good for you!  Now go claim you're independent, don't need other people, live off the government while we mock and ridicule you because you're just as much of a conformist and supremely ordinary like OWS protestors and hipsters.  Herd Mentality, what western civilization strove to purge.

Entrepreneurship.  Sick of working for people who are sick of working for other people who are sick of working for other people?  Forget being a corporate man, become an entrepreneur.  Chicks dig it more than you being the "assistant vice president" of some lame ass company.  Entrepreneurship, what western civilization strove to promote.


Traveller said...

Stupidity - that is only half of the video


The end of the video is important, the woman in wheelchair actually can walk, stupid + lazy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Captain C.

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

The article regarding creating a service for rich men to get women could be profitable, although with all the different elements involved, I think his estimate of $10,000 a pop would need some adjustment based on how high-profile of staff you would use, as well as what kind of market you'd be looking at. Reading it reminded me of the movie The Game.

I find it funnier though that there would be a market for such a service to begin with. You're paying to live out this "Alpha" fantasy wherein you are made to appear as a god among men - and we know that the entire concept of game is defined by appearances. It's the improbability (or outright impossibility) of such a situation where everything falls into place that makes it a fantasy. IMO, an interesting commentary on the inverse: the realities of game and PUA.

As for MGTOW - most of this is dead on. I've written a lot about MGTOW in other places, but safe to say that the concept can be defined in many different ways.

Regardless of definition, MGTOW has nothing to do with the solidarity of men as a long-term collective. At best, it's a temporary confederation of individuals that you might see on a blog that lasts a few years. You wake someone up, hand them the red pill, and move on. If they take it - great, they're on their own. If they don't - oh well, and you continue to go your own way.

MGTOW isn't a support group, it's a wake up call. You get your call, you wake up, and the guy on the other end hangs up. What you do after you're awake is up to you.

. said...

Also a thanks for the link, Captain.

James Wolfe said...

Men Going Their Own Way can best be visualized out on the open road. When you see a man, sometimes young, but often in his late 40's or 50's, who might have long gray hair, a raucous looking beard, riding a hog with lots of chrome and leather. He doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks he looks like. He might be riding alone or in a group of other men going their own way, but you can tell for sure he's one of us. He might also be playing game, have some big chested fake blonde hanging on his back, or riding her own hog. It doesn't matter, he's going his own way. Not all of us ride hogs, some bike, some hike, some sky dive, or sit at home and read and spend time with our kids. We're doing what WE think we should be doing, not what society or women think we should be doing. We are an army of one.

Kevin said...

Thanks here, as well.

Anonymous said...

"Entrepreneurship. Sick of working for people who are sick of working for other people who are sick of working for other people? Forget being a corporate man, become an entrepreneur. "

Dear Captain, I'm sick of work, employment and business.

I don't want to be an entrepreneur, I want to be a warrior. I will be happy only on the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

"The article regarding creating a service for rich men to get women could be profitable,"

If those rich men want to stay rich, I advise them to stay away from women.