Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Direct, Blunt, Evil, Hurtful Truth

Let us be truthful because lying gets nobody nowhere.

You will never succeed in getting men to agree to "fat acceptance."  It goes against our nature.

Now you have two choices in how to respond to this;

a.  ignore what I just said and get angry about a fact you have no control over and never will

b.  accept this as fact and do what is within your power  

I will be even more direct and blunt (see if you can guess what this is)

The appropriate range is 1.4/inch to 2.3/inch.  And that is being kind.

Continue as you were.


Anonymous said...

Pounds per inch of height. For a 5'6" woman this is about 92-151 pounds. You are being generous. I'd narrow it to 1.5-2.2 lbs/inch.

Anonymous said...

as a Muslim woman, I just cannot fathom this level of denial of what primarily fuels male attraction.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 1134,

That is because (I presume) your background is not western or at least some of your upbringing was influenced by a more traditional or Muslim mother.

That or you just plain have intellectual honesty and prefer not to live in denial! ;)

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh fine, Rick!

Be all smart and everything and take all the fun guessing games out of it! Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

even in conservative Muslim circles, where there is no dating before marriage, only a few brief encounters with a chaperone, it is well known that men look at the hands to see how skinny a woman is. (The face is not so obvious.) Point being: everyone knows men don't like fat women!! That being said, perhaps Western role models of beauty and fitness (Jennifer Aniston?) are sooo unrealistic that perhaps a lot of women just give up???

Anonymous said...

Not only do they not care for fat acceptance but age as well. If men have access to younger women, they will ignore the older women time and time again. And in this economy, older men who have stability, not saying rich by any means, along with charm are in the winning category by far.

Bill Powell said...

Thanks Captain for the linkage and I guessed what your question was also, I just didn't want to spoil it for anyone. Erudite readership here for sure.

Kevin Matchstick (T5 Certified English 6-12) said...

"what primarily fuels male attraction"

Outward physical signs of good genetics, fertility, and health.

Excessive fat is not an indicator of good genetics, fertility, or health.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty annoyed in general with the way that the Manosphere has been handling the FA nonsense (and, make no mistake, it is nonsense.)

There just seems to be no compassion for the fact that, in a country where 95% of the "official" diet advice (i.e. the USDA) is completely wrong, and 95% of diets fail, FA is a completely rational response.

If you have spent 10-15 years steadily gaining weight, all while following the high-carb, low-fat advice spewed by doctors, nutritionists, and the government, weight loss must feel impossible. Thus, if you cannot lose weight, the next logical step is to accept your size, and ask others to do the same.

So, for fat people, especially fat women, you have on the one hand advice GUARANTEED to keep you fat, and on the other hand, you have people essentially calling you an immoral leech because of your weight.

So much of the Manosphere gloating about "fat hamsters" just feels... well, it feels purposefully mean for no good reason. I don't understand how anyone could read, say, Hawaiian Libertarian, and still think that most people are fat because they are lazy cows.

-M. Steve

(This does not mean that there aren't a tonne of lazy cows, of course, but I know how you feel about disclaimers.)

Captain Capitalism said...

M Steve,

I think it's because FA is nothing more than a blunt, obvious attempt to brain wash men. Our response to such an assault is not to be "mean" or "hurtful," our response is forceful and anger driving.

ie - "Do not tell me what to think and what I should like. I'll tell you what I like and what I think, and by god I'll go to guns if you try to tell me otherwise."

It's nothing more than an assault (or a criticism) of our freedom to choose (in this case, to find skinny women attractive).

Anonymous said...


I definitely understand what you're saying. I guess we're really dealing with two entirely different concepts:

1. Whether a woman's weight is representative of her morality, lifestyle, or worth: I claim the correlation is weak because of the structural problems with official American dietary policy.

2. Whether a woman's weight should have an affect on her attractiveness: Just a bunch of leftist willful ignorance about human nature if you honestly believe that men either *should* be attracted to fat woman, or that weight-based attraction is *immoral*. Childishness.

I only comment because I have a lot of sympathy for fat women *who have followed weight loss advice religiously and have still failed*. It's really easy for naturally thin people to blather about calories in vs. calories out, but I've been there, spinning my wheels with hearthealthywholegrains and low-fat nonsense for years before finding Paleo and taking control of my weight.

Incidentally, I've always said that, if a man is absolutely insistent on finding a wife to start a family, find a young, feminine woman with an attractive face but who is overweight, then introduce her to Paleo and Crossfit.

-M. Steve