Friday, July 27, 2012

Make Your Man Happy With Sushi!

Hello junior, deputy, aspiring, official or otherwise economists of the female persuasion!

This weekend I shall shamelessly shill sushi!  Specifically two items that I believe would be helpful in wooing and keeping that special man of yours fat and happy...or maybe not so fat because sushi isn't terribly fattening:

A sushi making device that I thought was kind of cool...and

"Sushi for Dummies" which actually I'm kicking around getting myself

Remember, if you love the Captain and his daily patented Super Awesome Economic Genius, show your love and buy stuff from the Amazon link to the right.  I get a 6% commish and you get something in return (not just donating money to me and getting warm donation fuzzies).


Anonymous said...

that is stupid

Hot Sam said...

They had a sushi machine in the movie Wall Street in 1987.

Funny, but I never would have taken you for a sushi kind of guy. Are you a closet Californian?

I can't picture a manly man being delightfully surprised by a woman bringing sushi to him, unless you're actually in Japan or unless, like me, your wife is Japanese.

Mutnodjmet said...

Captain: I hope this makes you happy as well -- I featured one of your posts in my rant today. Bonus, I created a new award: The Goddess Facepalm, I hope you check it out!!!

Anonymous said...

I love sushi on occasion, and there are a lot of sushi places around where I live. This appears to be a change that has come around fairly quickly. Not that it matters but I get the impression that most of them are run by Chinese rather than Japanese people. A lot of Chinese expats own restaurants and there are already plenty of Chinese food places so I guess they figure this is a better business move. The trick to making good sushi at home is to have top quality fresh/never frozen fish, which can be hard to find. Luckily I live close to a major city which a huge food market where I can get that kind of thing. I expect it might be a bit tougher where you live.- -minuteman

NotClauswitz said...

Also as a +Plus+, with Sushi comes Saki!

James Wolfe said...

Sushi is too metro for me. I like my sushi battered and deep fried, with an ice cold beer.