Monday, July 16, 2012

Rewarding the Deserving STEM Girls

Let it never be said we men of the Manosphere have no heart.  I know the intent of the article was to explain how to pre-emptively strike down White Knights, but Mentu belied the fact he isn't an "evil," "mean," misogynist.  He's a true man with a heart.

I will also dare to make another observation.  The fact he (and other Manosphere men) actually do treat some girls nice really irks, if not, outright angers others.  We're supposed to all be evil, right wing, sexists who just "plain hate women."  So when we do treat women kindly and with respect it not only moots their argument, it shows them that we are DISCERNING and DISCRIMINATING with who we ply our attention, love, charity and kindness on. We have STANDARDS and REQUIREMENTS before we just give you "respect" or "affection."  ie-what really pisses of some girls is that they have to earn it, they are not entitled to it.

It is this observation or difference that I don't think we highlight enough in the Manosphere.  We (admittedly) really rake women over the coals.  But those women are of the entitled, socialist, anti-freedom, feminist variety.  We rarely speak highly of our wives, girlfriends, or (in Mentu's case) a nice, sweet college girl who is majoring in a REAL subject (surgeon).  The girls who are not out to get us, who do support us, or are just plain nice girls deserving of respect.

Of course, I believe a lot of those women already know this, know who they are, and know deep down inside we love them, care about them and appreciate them.  They, just as much as us, hate feminism, hate socialism, hate tyranny and hate hypocrisy.  But I believe every once in a while we should highlight and point out the difference, point out our appreciation for them and remind them THEY are not the enemy.  ie-that the nice med school college girl who Mentu deems worthy of clandestinely putting $20 bills in her pocket is much more appreciated than the drama queen sociology-majoring stripper who has random men putting $1 bills in her g-string.

Therefore I proposed an "Appreciation Day for Women of the Manosphere" where, we...uh....appreciate them....

How about we just make it bachelor-like easy and you just go buy a girl in your life (wife, grandma, mom, girlfriend, female friend) some flowers.


Josh the Aspie said...

Hmmm. A fair idea, but I think it might be better to pick a more practical and lasting gift more expressive of the manosphere's feelings.

A bottle of mace, to help her protect herself when we can't be around, perhaps?

A really nice bread-knife? Nah, that's no good for a yearly gift.

I figure the stereotypical gift of cleaning products would be unappreciated.

I'm afraid I'm kind of stumped here.

Captain Capitalism said...

My fear is we'd spend more on labor trying to figure it out than just getting the impractical, useless flowers.

I think my girlfriend wants MW3 however.

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

I'd show someone I cared, but feelings are not Alpha according to the Manosphere.

Maybe I'll just leave a 20 dollar bill in some girl's jeans a few times and not say anything like a Beta.

God, the hypocrisy in Mentu's story is almost more painful than the way he portrayed the actions of the White Knight.

JC said...

Some girls in STEM work hard, but there's plenty who don't know a thing but get first pick of the job offers coming out of University (Diversity hire). STEM may be harder than a liberal arts major, but it's honestly not that hard.

Also Mentu's story reads like some hilarious fantasy. I'm sure there's a grain of truth, but puh-leeze. Significant portions of the "manosphere" are so full of themselves they can't even see how goddamn ridiculous they look (and how awful their prose is).

Professor Mentu said...

Hey, thanks for pointing out that I'm just a big ole' teddy bear.

And the haters... my oh my.

I think I might just reflect upon their criticisms for a while, and self-calibrate until I emerge as an awesome keyboard jockey who couldn't attract that caliber of a woman if my life depended on it.

Take The Red Pill said...

"They, just as much as us, hate feminism, hate socialism, hate tyranny and hate hypocrisy."

But they will NOT speak out against it, will they? No, not a word. Not to the other feminists.

Neither will they take any action against it in the name of REAL equality or justice, or freedom...not while they gain an advantage or a benefit from feminism, socialism, tyranny, or hypocrisy.

Their silence and their inaction means that feminism, socialism, tyranny, and hate actually has their support.

The day that I believe them is the day that I see them on the Mall in D.C. telling NOW that "you DON'T speak for me!", and protesting against VAWA and misandric DV and divorce laws.

"Talk is cheap"
"Deeds, not words"

dannyfrom504 said...

dude, don't i know it. i just got attacked by a "good Catholic" woman and guess who ripped her up-

my female readers.

after 2 days, she took the negative post about me down and has unlinked 1-2 female bloggers who are friends of mine.

Badger said...

"what really pisses of some girls is that they have to earn it, they are not entitled to it."

That there is some brilliance right there. So many people are turned off by the idea they have to work to get something of value.

"dude, don't i know it. i just got attacked by a "good Catholic" woman"

I had a similar blog experience with the same woman, who fit the typical big-mouth pattern of parachuting into someone else's blogspace and telling them all of her thoughts on it. I got hit on by a married woman and this chick insisted I was imagining the whole thing and was obsessed with defending the dubious honor of someone she'd never met.

If I could recommend one of the Seven Habits to most women I've met, it would be "seek first to understand, then to be understood."