Friday, July 06, 2012

Joe Soucheray Rips Mayor RT Rybak a New One

Most of you are unfamiliar with Minneapolis politics.  However, you don't have to be.

Liberal big city mayor blames murder of innocent 5 year old inner city youth on lack of gun control laws.

Conservative talk show host lights him up like a B-24 over Berlin.

It will make you smile.


Carnivore said...

Bah! Chicago does you one better. Our chief of police blames the Pilgrims (the Mayflower kind) for the increase in the murder rate.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Dave Barry "It is an important fact in History that anything, including late afternoon thunderstorms, causes Liberals to claim the need for more gun control laws".

Unknown said...

I listened. I think Joe S. is spot on in his rant. I remember Minneapolis (1960s) when it was an agreeable place to live and the North side was still somewhat civilized but starting its slide hellwards and watched the deterioration until I left in the 1990s.

But contrary to the Captain's prediction, I did not smile. It is a sad thing to watch the decay

Captain Capitalism said...

I cannot feel pity. Liberals bring it upon themselves. I laugh and thoroughly enjoy watching cities and their idiotic voters reap what they sow (sew?)

Unknown said...

Perhaps the Captain misunderstands me; I probably care less about the liberals than he does. What makes me unhappy is the trashing of a rather pleasant place to live and work