Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Democrats, All "Teachers," All Losers

What do I keep freaking telling you?

I want this question answered - what do you liberal arts people do right?  What do liberals arts majors provide to this society?

Nothing but mismanagment and the ruining of our institutions.

But, then again, idiots voted these morons in and who am I to criticize the "open-minded, progressive geniuses" of California?


PunkyMD said...

You know Cappy, I'm starting to think that closing half the colleges and all the law schools just might do the trick!

Stirner said...

Liberal Arts programs are seminary schools for Crusaderism.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Wow. I hadn't noticed this effect before, but dang, you're right.

Seems that lib-arts and/or law degrees do funnel a person toward the public sector.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to our defunct national broadcaster, here in South Africa we get to watch re-runs (from 1984!) of the Cosby Show during prime time. In one of the recent episodes Dr. Huxtable's father was interrogating his granddaughter about the purpose of a 'liberal arts' degree. The punchline was to the effect: "so after three years of college you get to be...well, nothing." had to think of the Captain!

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

I sometimes wonder if there should be minimum requirements that must be meet before individuals are allowed to hold certain offices. Now of course this could eliminate potentially competent, and fail to eliminate incompetent, individuals from the pool. But I am hard pressed to see how things could get any worse.

For example, for anyone to hold any sort of Treasury position in a cabinet, be it local, state, or federal would it really be that bad of an idea to either require a degree in accounting, maybe a cpa, or so many years of practical accounting experience?

Or at the very least have minimum personal finance requirements before someone is allowed to hold an office. I have a gut feeling that many of our local officials have personal finances that are less than stellar and that some sort of guidelines would eliminate them from the pool

Kievy said...

Captain, I have a theory that what really determmines how fast an economy grows or the extent to which it grows is the amount of persons who study something practical in university, people with worthless degrees add nothing to the economy. so the more liberal arts majors you have in an economy the more stagnant that economy will be.

self-exiled Spaniard said...

Why do I keep thinking of historical times?

Here is a collage of great historical ideas for practical democracy to work:

- You must be 25 to vote. Yes. Not a child at 16, as some commies want.
- You must own estate and/or earn a certain amount per year. It's the only way to stop welfare basketcases from being pandered to by politicians.
- You must be 40 to be a senator/politician... and preferably have held positions in the real world (Army, industry, etc.). This certainly was the case in the heydays of the West (1500s to early 1900s).
- You can't vote if you are: illiterare (I don't care how nice the poor peasants are, you must be literate), living on welfare (indeed) or in jail. Certain crimes may stop an individual from voting, even once out of jail.

The West in its pre-1960s shape is fallen and a carcass, it must be renewed or it will simply vanish into the dust of history. It's only a matter of time, unfortunately.

A Frequent Reader said...


I found only one teacher. The mayor is a former lawyer and judge. The other councillors who listed an occupation are a parole officer, two small business owners, a bail agent and an employee (I think in sales) of Merck. The Merck employee and the bail agent are clergymen on the side.

I wouldn't assume any of them (except the teacher) was a Democrat, much less a "loser." Not that it matters---broke is broke.