Saturday, July 07, 2012

Winner of the Cappy Cap Logic Challenge

Almost forgot! 

The winner of the Cappy Cap Logic Challenge was Anon 1217PM. 

If you recall the challenge was to link the abuse children were heaping upon the bus driver and forms of "bullying" teachers to the lack of fathers AND how the victims of this bullying were largely to blame for their own predicament.

Anon 1217PM answered:

Could it be that the people (meaning teachers and educational bureaucrats) that are victims of this sort of thing are the same people that support so-called "socially progressive" causes, including the feminist position that extolls the virtues of single motherhood and plays down the importance of father figures and men in general? Most teachers do have left-wing, socialist political views.

Anon 1217 contact the Captain and get your free "Behind the Housing Crash" or "Worthless," your choice.


Retrenched said...

Good choice. Mike C also had a great comment later in that thread.

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks Captain!
I'll email you...

Anon 1217PM