Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ladies Night at the Captain's Club

This is going to be sloppy.  Just got back from a weekend trip of riding a motorcycle through the Black Hills and NOT contributing to GDP.

if I miss any of the ladies it is not out of animosity or indifference or forgetfulness.  Just uhhh...bachelor like...ummm.."failings" (yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!).  


Well SURE!  If you think the media is there to report factual news and get to the truth, well then, yeah, of course you're going to be upset you moron.  But everybody knows THAT'S not what they're there for!  (moron comment obviously not intended).

I have a post in the making called, "Are we going to have to repeat this stupidity 30 years from now again because a new generation of self-entitled spoiled brats didn't suffer their Volcker Recession?"  Clarissa just opines about the Republicans failing to deliver the necessary fiscal reforms without worrying about the religious right.

I don't care about Obamacare or the SCOTUS because it's out of my control.  Here is some analysis.

When HR and political correctness took over the forest service.

Because Putin is not a pansy.

But math and personal financial management is tough.  Wont' my future husband take care of me?

Wish her a happy 24th birthday.

So sorry, no new weather records broken for you to claim it's global warming...or change...or (what's the next word they'll develop so they have no requirement to explain themselves?)


Mutnodjmet said...

THANKS CAPTAIN! Your birthday greetings will be my absolute favorite this year! You're the best! :)

Anonymous said...

We love you, Captain. You are a landmark on the blogosphere.

Captain Capitalism said...

Yes, ladies, yes I am.


Anonymouse said...

Read the Clarissa stuff. Why do non-conservatives feel like their advice to conservatives has any import, or relevance?

PeppermintPanda said...

I think it would be worthwhile for you (and many other bloggers) to really explain the new reality of Obamacare ...

Essentially, from what I have read the penalties imposed for not owning health insurance are far too low to justify buying insurance for middle income (or lower) healthy people. With what the average policy costs today, an individual would have to earn roughly $100,000 per year for it to be cheaper to buy health insurance than pay the penalty; and a family would have to earn roughly $200,000 per year. For the average single person or DINK (dual income no kids) under the age of 40, their need for healthcare is so low that they can live without coverage and pay the penalty and save money.

The consequence for this is that healthcare premiums will (likely) skyrocket, and as a result it will make no sense for more people to pay for healthcare insurance rather than to pay the penalty and then pay for any care they need out of pocket.