Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Congratulations G

He made it 100 push ups in a row.

I am currently at 70 push ups in a row, up from 40.  I can knock out 75 sit ups as well.

You too can achieve this many thanks to Victor at Bold and Determined.


Anonymous said...

I was impressed by G's varying take on the five sets. I'm working on 100 close stance push-ups, but hit 250 sit-ups tonight. Happy working.

self-exiled Spaniard said...

Yeap, also on the push-ups program. Can do 30 in a row, but working to 40.

Herr Wilson said...

Does 30 Days get Cappy Cap's seal o' approval? I was tempted to get it this weekend, bu then backed of at the last minute.

Mike said...

Next up for you, the Recon Ron pullup program


Eric S. Mueller said...

I bought the guide (book?). It's embarrassing how few I've been able to do today. I may have to spend a few days building up before I officially start.