Monday, July 09, 2012

Super Happy Fun Game of Joy!

Hey Cappy Cappites!

Do you want to play the "Super Happy Fun Game of Joy!?"

OK then!

On your marks.

Get set.


Click on this link and predict what the city council of this newly-bankrupt California town looks like!

No cheating!  Just make your predictions and we'll see how close you are!


PunkyMD said...

I'm betting they look just like the last bunch of criminals!

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

Hey Captain wondering what your take would be on this little bit of schaden fruede.

Long story short: life long academic and congresswoman had long maintained that she had 'indian blood' and thus was a minorty. Now that she is campaigning information is coming out that she may have been less than honest about her suppossed indian heritage. I have my own ideas on why she did this. But her actions do beg the question? What compels an individual to lie about their race or ethnitcity when the propensity of being found out is very high. Is the self loathing that strong or is it just pure opporunism?

Anonymous said...

@ Cogitans, its about wanting to be part of the new special class; the victim class.

Anonymous said...

My bet is that this group of lunatics looks something along the lines of this group...