Monday, July 02, 2012

VIP Room for Ladies Night

Huge heaps o' scorn was heaped upon me for failing to include Susan Walsh and Haley's Halo in the Ladies' Night Linkage at the Cappy Club.

Little did you all know THEY had VIP reservations with the Cappy Club and just showed up fashionably late.


Anonymous said... Pure gold.

James Wolfe said...

What a shame. He left her a million dollar home. She could have sold it, bought a more modest and reasonably priced home, paid him his share of it, invested the rest and had a comfortable life while he paid all the kids' bills. But instead she opted for what's behind door number two and sued him for more and now she has nothing and is now so far in debt she will likely loose it all. Way to go girl! I pitty the poor children of such a foolish greedy woman.

Susan Walsh said...

Ha, I'll take it CC! Thanks.