Monday, July 23, 2012

Boy, Indoctrination Sure Starts Early

You know how in true intellectual honesty I worry time to time that the advice we give young boys may no longer be pertinent?  That girls have changed since we were boys and that our advice today may actually hurt them?

Then I see this and realize today boys need the Manosphere more than ever.

You poor, young boys are going to war whether you like it or not.  And sadly at the age of 8.  God I hope they play with frogs and turtles for a long time in childhood ignorant bliss.



Herr Wilson said...

8-year old girl: We have vaginas.
Me: Yes, I'm willing to bet your dad is a total vagina.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, and that's what we're competing with? 11% of the words in that note are misspelled. 11 freakin' percent. If my rate of misspelling at that age were above 1%, I would be ashamed. And a little kid talking about jobs and power? Yeesh, some moxie-filled mom needs to get a life.

No, Cappy, the sons of America need masculine identity and pride crammed down their throats to get through this garbage in good psychological health.

Anonymous said...

This crap was just beginning to infiltrate the Government Schools when I was a kid... It is frightening the level of indoctrination that is taking place now.
I am afraid the only way to undo this is to cut Government subsidies of education...

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

In the end this kind of thinking will consume itself. I remember the attempts at 'gender' neutral education that was in vogue amongst the intelligesta back in the 90s (you know giving girls action figures and fire trucks and the boys barbie dolls). I remember getting in trouble with a teacher for tearing the head off of one barbie doll. She asked me why I did that, and I responded that you had to pull the pin on the grenade before you threw it. Got a trip to the principals office for that one. Fortunately our principal was an old soldier and sent me back to class with the message to the teacher to not send boys to his office simply for playing like a boy. Fortunately, according to my brother who is 8 years younger than me, that has all disappeared.

CBMTTek said...

When I was 8, I knew how to spell vagina, boobs (actually, I would have said breasts), and I knew where commas went in a sentence.

And, Daddy is somehow proud of his little girl?

Sorry, this is neither cute, or appropriate for public consumption.

CBMTTek said...

I'm sorry, I can't get away from this it is such a complete and total train wreck.

What would a similar essay from a 8 year old boy look like, and exactly how well would it be received?

Here are a few wonderful things about being a boy:
have a penis, I get jobs, we can pee standing up, we have stuff that make girls pregnant, we are strong, we have power.

And the reaction from the mainstream media would be one of disgust.

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

How do I condense 3 years of graduate school in Education into a few sentences?

1. All education is racially or culturally biased.
2. Every child must attend college.
3. Girls, on average, are smarter than boys.

Safe to say that after having to tow this line for 3 years, I immediately tossed all "teaching theory" aside upon entering my first job as an Adjunct Professor and it worked just fine.

To put this more simply: The indoctrination does not begin at the student level, the indoctrination begins during teacher education. Due to the heavily liberalized nature of many colleges, stopping this process would require infiltration or the dismantling of one of the most powerful bastions of liberal thought: the modern University.

Mutnodjmet said...

On behalf of my entire gender, I would like to apologize to all the denizens of the MANOSPHERE. Be content, knowing this mom is raising a son who has a selection of weapons and cares more about his stomach than his reproductive organs.

Retrenched said...

On the bright side, this does create an opportunity for the fathers and mothers of little girls, for those smart enough to take advantage of it. By simply teaching your daughters to disregard all the propaganda telling them to believe that they deserve the world simply because they were born with vaginas, you will put them a million miles ahead of all the entitled bitches she'll have to compete with in the marriage market.