Monday, July 16, 2012

Hank in Heaven, Hear Our Prayer

I like to think you trust the ole Captain to retrieve little nuggets from the internet that are of decent quality. 

Some, admittedly are just filler I find mildly amusing. 

Others are thought-provoking pieces that make you think.

Others are masterpieces that reward your higher-than-average-intellectual brain with Intellectual Endorphin Goodness (TM)

This is one you MUST click on.


Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

People without faith have a hard time understanding faith.

It's not logical and cannot be grasped through logical means. A logical examination of faith will yield one result: that faith is illogical.

Why would anyone believe in something that is not measurable, observable, or provable? Moreover, why would anyone massively and permanently change their lifestyle in the pursuit of such faith?

Without delving too deeply into any philosophical speak: what goes on inside your own head is your own business. Even the most self-actualized of us operate with varying degrees of denial and delusion that act as coping mechanisms to protect us from despair, depression, or stress.

Due to the fact that answering the human condition (or gender condition) can be difficult and cause stress, many use faith and religion as mechanisms in order to help answer the condition in the same way an empiricist would use science.

In this way, religion is no different than science in what it seeks to ultimately do. The opposition comes in how they arrive at their end point: religion is based on the power of blind faith fueled by trust in the superiority of the divine and inferiority of the human. Science is based on the power of logic fueled by doubt and the idea that humans can eventually know and understand all things to the point wherein they transcend the human condition entirely.

CBMTTek said...


Fits so many different scenarios.

Saved the link, and I am passing it on.

Anonymous said...

@ lib

Faith is meant to be logical. It's just modern Christians who are deluded. Read the ancient to near modern Christians and you will see a difference. Modern people are so indoctrinated by their governments in atheistic naturalism that it is probably impossible for most of them to appreciate the transcendent.

Christian or not, advertising yourself as irrational doesn't do you any favors. It's just buying into the overarching narrative of the times.

Dad's Primal Scream said...

Thanks for the referral to my site.

I'm glad you liked "Kiss Hank's Ass"! I have to admit that it's not my original. I searched all over for who I could give credit to, but it appears to just be one of those things that went viral and so who knows.

As a former Mormon it has a very specific significance to me, but I'm glad you and others can relate to it as well.