Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Very Cappy Children's Book

Series actually. 

As you know, your Captain dislikes reading books.  I am of the opinion they will INEVITABLY make every book a movie and why waste time reading.  My mother is actually quite upset I procrastinated long enough to avoid having to read Atlas Shrugged that they did inevitably make it into a movie.

However, for those of you who do like reading or have weird children who also like reading I am recommending THE ONLY series of books I ever read as a child AND LIKED.  "The Chronicles of Prydain" which includes "The Black Cauldron" (made into a movie, actually), The High King, and three other books, the names of which escape me now.

I strongly recommend buying them for one of your little tykes for a gift or if you're just trying to get them to read.  They will thoroughly enjoy the series, and they will have the ADDED BONUS of having an increased chance of turning out like me!

(All commission proceeds will go to the Captain's motorcycle gas fund).


Jokah Macpherson said...

These were my favorite books as a kid and I can still relate to the theme of "not knowing who you are" as an adult. Taran Wanderer is especially good because it emphasizes the value of work, resourcefulness, and learning from failure.

daniel_ream said...

Children's fantasy is often of higher quality than traditional fantasy, especially pre-1980 or so.

Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising, Ysabeau Wilce's Flora Segunda books, D. M. Cornish's Foundling's Tale - all good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Caaaaappy.


Tam said...

I totally loved those books.

Went back and repurchased the set off Amazon a few years ago and they held up surprisingly well.

Also, "Dyrnwyn" is bitchin' name for a sword.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading the series back when I was in primary school, good shit.