Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amalgamated Wisdom

I'll go to war for this. But I will never go to war for this.

Housing will have to overcorrect because of the bad taste the housing bubble has left in potential buyers' mouths. Oh, that and the sheer hell one must go through now to get qualified for a house.

"There is no "I" in "team." Yeah, but there is an "I" in "You freaking morons are the god damned turkey's that keep me from soaring with the eagles. You'll never amount to anything, but that doesn't mean I won't and have to live your sucky life. Now get the ef out of my way and let me excel at what I do."

The legal liabilities are too great to have Norway....but give it time.

I'm going to say it again for the cheap seats - Education is NOT for the children. It's to employ people who have no skills, offer nothing to society, and can only serve as overpaid baby-sitters, otherwise known as public school teachers. Just do me a favor and read this.

I knew this would happen. I knew liberals would come up with the "white collar crime" argument. That argument usually deployed when you say, "uh, poorer neighborhoods usually have more crime." Then, without hesitation, "oh yeah! well what about all that white collar crime!" Funny thing is an accountant embezzling money won't land me in the hospital.

No sh#t Sherlock! She too could have done well to read my book. I'm kidding, I'm actually a fan of The Evil HR Lady. She's slowing coming around on the economics stuff.

Puke, gag and barf. Nathan, Sarah is going to divorce your sniveling, whiny ass once she runs into a bad boy preacher's son like me.

Why I support Ron Paul.

Some darn good economic research that I would have done in my early blogging days.


Elusive Wapiti said...

Thanks for the Capta-lanche!

Anonymous said...

The most terrifying and counterproductive words in the English language:

“Now let’s divide up into small groups”

Concur. The small-group work mentality bores and frustrates me. Whenever commanded by a boss or teacher to do this, I'd cringe. Especially since this is a one-way street to another cringe-worthy prospect: the dreaded consensus. Just another way of bringing you into the herd (or to mark you for culling).

Mark Adams said...


Something I've noticed is it was always a female teacher or boss who'd do this, at least when coupled with the "and I'll choose which underachiever will get to share (or just straight-up take) credit for your work" requirement.

Anonymous said...

Teams and committees are where ideas go to die.

Audacious Epigone said...

Much appreciated sir. Parenthetical to the link as to why you support Ron Paul, it is interesting to note that he has received more in campaign contributions from the military than any other candidate has (with Obama coming in second).