Tuesday, January 31, 2012




jaericho said...

You can tell how good the article was, just look at all the negative comments. The author hit a nerve. That's for sure.

Amateur Strategist said...

Bravo, yes, it took courage to admit that humanities are a waste of time... since she mastered in "English" (how do you even do that?! If you can't speak English after 12+ years in school/home school stay away from college!)

However, the REALLY brave thing to say (the whole truth) would be:

"Don't ask me, or any other HR personnel, we don't know **** about what the company or jobs require, go ask the leaders of those divisions who and what they want".

Anonymous said...

The one comment I have on the second point is that the reason people would drop $100,000 on business grad school rather than their own company is because they can. They can get all kinds of loans to go to school, but nothing to start a business. If they were spending their own saved up cash, I'll bet it would be different.

Anonymous said...

The power of pure, unapologetic truth is AWESOME!

I've said this for my ENTIRE 35 year marketing career (rising to VP/CMO in two Fortune 500s on only a BA), and nobody wanted to hear it - indeed our corporate HR morons told me to my face that "you only say that, Dave, because YOU have no post grad degree", as if to warn me "I've seen your secret file!". The VP-HR who once told me that was replaced by an outsourced computer that does all payroll; functional heads do their own departmental recuruiting via headhunters they know and trust; and HR "legals & admin" are done somewhere in the bowels of the Admin bureaucracy, who mercifully leaves us alone.

The selling of overpriced credentials is America's BIGGEST remaining unpopped bubble.


Captain Capitalism said...

Now, Davers, women don't like truth. They want to be lied to.

Look at barack obamie.

"Free money and a new freedom. Profound change. This "work for a living" BS, is BS. Vote for me and I'll fart production out of my pampered spoiled brat ass to pay for everything."