Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Women Going Back to College

for more worthless degrees.

If they only read my book.


Aurini said...

"Women still earn significantly less than men. And in the two and a half years since the recovery officially began, men age 16 to 24 have gained 178,000 jobs, while their female counterparts have lost 255,000 positions, according to the Labor Department. "

Oy. I'm forced to take this entire article with a grain of salt. But if what it says is true, this is a very good sign; hopefully some of these jobs men are picking up involve skills of some sort (rather than coffee or burger slinging). Without the women clogging up the arteries (only to drop out when they reach mid-level), we'll actually get some productive workers being trained, so that in ten years they're good at something.

The women, meanwhile, are essentially living high off the hog with credit card - I mean student loan - debt. By their late twenties this will be crushing down on their egos, and that good ole' boy who worked at the factory might just appear an attractive prospect.

While this is far from a good situation, it's at least a step in the right direction.

Aynsley said...

Ssshhh...they're leaving the workforce, making a better job market for the rest of us. Let them.

Anonymous said...

From the linked NY Times article.

A "master’s program in strategic communications"?

and she hopes to "get a job running communications at a nonprofit group"?

"Including the loans that financed her undergraduate education at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, she will complete her master’s program next year owing about $200,000 in debt."

I don't get how getting a masters in "strategic communications" and finding work for a non-profit group will generate enough income to pay off $200K in student debt, particularly at the entry-level, unless you got into a large scale national non-profit like the YMCA, United Way or Red Cross.