Monday, January 09, 2012

Go Rationalization Hamster, Go!

Run your little heart out Rationalization Hamster
Run as fast as you can.
Tell yourself in your 50's
That you don't need no man

But he's just around the corner
Your investment banker, surgeon, astronaut prince
But as you rocket your host into the reality wall
Please forgive us as we wince.


Bevis said...

Dude, you're slipping. Not that I disagree with your message, but come on...put a little more work into it

Izanpo said...

Cappy's a poet...and he don't know it! Heh

Anonymous said...

Apparently keynsians advocate putting the cart before the horse. The trade deficit of greece IS A PRODUCT OF it's failure to produce goods itself.
It's debt burden is a PRODUCT OF unbridled lending to allow it to purchase beyond what it should or logically could do.

Now what would the effect of reversing the trade deficit in Germany be?
Simple: transferring debt from one country to another trough socialist measures that misappropriate scarce resources. Oh, and cutting taxes wouldn't fix this either, that'd make the industry boom thanks to consumer spending, giving it more margin to export more.

Lila said...

This isn't an article about finding a husband in your 50s; it's just about having sex in your 50s. It seems to be speaking to married women.

Unknown said...

Yes, I'm with Lila. These articles were written for women who already know they're not nearly as hot as they were 30 years ago, offering suggestions for making the most of what they've still got.

Of course there's plenty of irony in the fact that (like most of what's in women's mags) smart women don't need this advice, and stupid women won't know they need it.

Now, if you link just about anything from Cosmo....