Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Escaping Minneapolis

Watching Minneapolis implode on its unsupportable, but highly smug with itself, liberal philosophy has got to be the scotch that ends the buffet of enjoying the decline.

What I love even more is how people my age, and younger, are just so in love with "the city" and will go to great lengths to rationalize why they stay there.

Oooo!!! Sebastian Joes!

Oooo!!! "Uptown!"

Oooo!!!! The "lakes."

Sorry, ain't worth the $25,000 tax bill it takes to own a house there, let alone the legal risks of just plain renting property in the city. But by all means, you keep on aspiring to maintain your "urban hipster" status. I'll sit here across the city lines (state lines, actually) and watch with great bemusement. You crazy hip Minneapolitans enjoy that decline.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget they all have their radios tuned to Cities '97 for their hourly Sarah McLachlan fix.