Friday, January 06, 2012

Last Christian Standing

"Last Man Standing" is an awesome remake of "A Fist Full of Dollars" but with a 30's ganster style twist. Plus it stars Bruce Willis. I put it on par with "Man on Fire."

However, Pukeku, in New Zealand, I like to refer to as "The Last Christian Standing."

You all know my views about religion. I find it pointless, I find it is usually abused by its advocates to gain power over others, and I find it a haven to protect those that are intellectual hypocrites and wish to have a diety to blame their outcome on "fatism" or "the Lord's plan."

There are however a few remaining honest Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc., that I will stand up for in that they are adherent to their religion and more or less stay out of my life and leave me alone. More importantly, they follow the religion for the religion's intended purpose - following a god or being a good steward of society. Not to "join a club" or "meet a guy" or "find a wife."

Visit the Last Christian Standing when I cut it too close for religious folks' tastes.


Twenty said...

And here I was thinking that only I enjoyed that movie. A little (ok, a lot) over the top, but enormous fun. Plus, even if he does get way, way, way too many shots out of those .45s (they couldn't be Hi-Powers, could they?), at least he is shown reloading. A lot.

Lots of delicious tough-guy dialog, too.

"The conversation kind of went downhill."

"I don't want to die in Texas. Chicago, maybe... but not Texas. You can meet me there if you like."

"That's fine, too, son. Kill as many as you want. Just don't kill no innocent people around here. I wouldn't like that."

"You know, for a guy with no principles, sometimes you act kinda peculiar."

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh, it's a great movie! What irks me is I didn't know about it until it was out on DVD. How can you NOT like a 30's gangster movie shot in the wild west?

It also has the air of "Red Dead Redemption" where technology is slowly creeping in on the west. They have cars, electricity, but not that far out. Like this was one of the last few places a "good guy" could shoot a "bad guy" and not have any effing lawyers or feds on their ass.