Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mr. Lindsay Strikes Again

Oddly enough, whilst following my principle that if I am linked to, I link back regardless, Mr. Lindsay has surprised me again when I found his blog to be quite extensive in the knowledge of wolverines.

Since I am out west, I started looking up all the various little creatures that are capable of and have killed people. Wolverines are nasty creatures and I find out do exist out in there here parts.

I have also learned that a 9MM pistol is probably not going to be enough and so I have opted now to make my AR 15 the "fossil hunter's/mountain hikers" weapon of choice.


Ryan Fuller said...

If you're out west, I wouldn't worry about Wolverines. They don't really live out here.

Aynsley said...

Agreed. I've never seen one out here. Bobcats and coyotes, on the other hand... They had to put down a pack by Lake Mead a couple years ago because they were attacking hikers.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

What about a 9mm loaded with FMJ?

Robert Lindsay said...

Hi Captain. Where do you live in the West? Yes, my series of probably the most extensive and up to date wolverine sightings article on the Net for some reason.

Aynsley, it is not true that wolverines do not live in the West. They are verified in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and Colorado. They are also known from Michigan.

I believe that they are also in Utah, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The appear to be recolonizing much of their old range.

I have never heard of a wolverine attacking a human being. If you ever see one in your lifetime, consider yourself lucky. But if you trap, corner or attack one, watch out. It can tear you to shreds fighting for its life. It's the meanest animal in the forest for sure.

Aynsley said...

Hi, Robert. I live in Southern Nevada, and have never seen a wolverine. Since our beloved Captain was visiting Arizona and Las Vegas, my comment was regarding their either nonexistence or invisibility in this area.

Robert Lindsay said...

There used to be wolverines in Nevada, but not in your part. They used to live in some of those mountain ranges in the north, but have not been seen since the 1890's.

There are no wolverines in Arizona either.