Monday, January 23, 2012

You Can't Just Kill "Any Ole" Banker

In one of my more notorious pieces, I wrote about my DESIRE (not intent) to kill bankers. As you all know, I do not advocate going and murdering bankers simply because on the grounds it is illegal. Though that is the ONLY reason I (among many others) don't do a lot of things.

All that being said, when I look at my stats, I see a lot of hits coming from search engines where people have searched, "Kill the bankers," "let's kill some bankers," or "killing bankers." And what I see, especially in combination with this, is a lot of angry OWS protester types trying to find other people who may indeed want to kill bankers. Tis a bit eerie.

There is, however, a problem with this, aside from its illegality. You just can't kill any ole banker and hope that the banking industry will all of the sudden straighten up and fly right. Blanket targeting bankers won't solve the problem because there are good bankers, just as there are bad bankers. And it is the bad bankers you need to purge from the system.

Now, the reason I bring this up, is not because of whetting the appetites of anarchists that want to murder people. It's to bring up a very important point about regulation. Regulation currently deployed and pursued by the government has this same "blanket approach" to regulating ALL bankers to death. The problem again is it doesn't target the genuinely greedy, evil or incompetent bankers, it targets the entire banking industry. And for those bankers that kept their noses clean, they must now suffer the mistakes of their evil banking counterparts.

It won't happen, but this is why I am advocating (once again for posterity's sake) a witch hunt of all the bad bankers and purging them from various sorts of vital components of the economy (banking, finance, government, military, etc.)

This wouldn't be hard to do because when loans are approved bankers and loan officers must sign off on these loans. And it doesn't matter where these bankers moved to or took another job elsewhere, because, in the banking industry, everybody knows where everybody went. It would simply be a matter of sending agents to different banks to find out where "Jim" went, tracking him down till you inevitably find him and forcibly firing him out of the banking industry forever.

So to those of you looking to kill bankers, please be discerning in who you target. And for those regulators out there that want to make us innocent people suffer for the bone-headed moves of genuinely evil, stupid or ignorant bankers, why don't you cleanse the industry of them before lumping volumes of regulations upon us, thereby crushing the industry, thereby crushing the economy? I'll even volunteer to be the lead Witch Hunter, and I can bag you some doozies of banksters in a matter of seconds. Start cleaning up the banking industry real quick.

But, no, I know, I know. That would be too simple and too many government regulators are making too much money on this racket. Like I said, I was writing for posterity.


FSK said...

You're missing the point.

What happens when almost every bank CEO has the same personality type as Bernard Madoff? What happens when almost every politician has the same personality type as Bernard Madoff? Then what do you do?

Captain Capitalism said...

In your case, you wait for society to collapse and when there is no law you hunt them down and kill them like the dogs they are.

I would, again (ideally) like a government agency to hunt down and fire/brand corrupt bankers while society still is civilized.

FSK said...

That is the big question.

Are there enough competent people in government that they can identify the criminally insane, and reign them in?

Is collapse the only solution?

It's hard to start a "get rid of criminally insane leaders" project when most of the leaders actually are criminally insane.

There are some honest and intelligent leaders. However, they tend to be easily manipulated by the evil people.

If I had a magic want to wave and get rid of all the criminally insane leaders, things would get a lot better. I'm not holding my breath waiting.

Dave said...

Here's how I see the banker purge going down:

1. Hyperinflation. No one wants dollars anymore, so bank employees sit around all day trying to look busy.

2. Walmart installs X-ray spectrometers in its stores. You bring in old jewelry and drop it in the machine. It assays the metal and spits out a store card. Prices are about the same as in 2010, but the $ sign has been redefined to mean "milligrams of gold".

3. People hold these cards and also trade them. Walmart makes it easy to transfer gold from one card to another, or redeem a card for a piece of 24kt gold wire.

4. In effect, Walmart is now a bank. The Captain opens his own bank, offering 3% interest on deposits and 6% loans to people who got degrees in worthwhile subjects.