Saturday, January 28, 2012

Antioch College Accurately Prices Liberal Arts Degrees

You may vaguely recall "Antioch College" and the reason why is that it was in the Capposphere before. I strongly recommend reading the original post to get the background, but the short version is the school was traditionally a conservative college. Was overrun by liberals and feminists. Gets shut down because of poor management. The Spearhead and myself cheer. A mom of one of Antioch's graduates brags about how great Antioch College was and how we're evil. My crack staff of Agents in the Field find out her daughter works at a non-profit, government funded theater in Ohio. We all laugh as once again, it proves the school produces nothing.

BUT GOOD NEWS EVERY ONE (Prof. Farnsworth accent)

Antioch College is back and charging NO TUITION.

The ONLY economic commentary I have on this, and the sole reason I recapped everything above is simply this:

Finally, a liberal arts school that accurately prices its programs. $0 for a worthless degree.

Now children will merely waste their time and not their money.


Anonymous said...

It is the only way

Anonymous said...

The value of the credential is zero, so paying zero for it seems fair enough.

Anonymous said...
your guys

Anonymous said...

The problem with stuff being free is that no one values it. Look at social security and medicare - people abuse the system in ways you cannot imagine. My friend tells me tons of stories how people fraud these programs and I'm amazed, shocked, and realized that it does in fact happen.

With this degree being free, I suppose no one will find it valuable if it's especially accurately priced.

Edward said...

"Now children will merely waste their time and not their money."

Captain you owe me one! :D

sth_txs said...

So, we can finally disband with the myth that nonprofit, charity, or nongovernmental methods can potentially provide an education?

At least they are using their own money.

Marvin the Martian said...

Farnsworth is the best, isn't he!

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh, heavens my, yes!