Monday, January 09, 2012

"I Have My Masters Degree"

Going through the Leykis archives and happened upon this one. (If you listen around 1/3rd the way through a caller that is probably my twin called in and made some good points.)

This is a very important lesson, not just for the girls out there, but the boys as well if you're contemplating going to college. In short, if you're going to blow all of your money and youth on a degree, then don't become a stay at home parent. If you're going to dedicate that amount of time, money and effort into getting a degree, NOT TO MENTION THE TAX PAYER SUBSIDY AT PUBLIC COLLEGES, then you damn well better not decide to "become a stay at home mom/dad." You better pay back society the resources you just consumed.

I had a buddy who got her masters degree in biology a while ago. I figured she'd go onto pharmaceuticals or the medical industry.

Nope, just went right into becoming a stay at home mom. Never worked a day in the field.

Of course the Minnesota state taxpayer subsidized her costly 6 year "exercise" in getting a degree. But, of course, they won't see one red cent in return because this was after all, nothing more than a very expensive hobby.

College is a very expensive and progressively risky thing kids. Please figure out what you want to do before you not only waste your time and money on it, but the taxpayer's as well.


Aurini said...

And let's not forget, during those five years where she was playing at having a career, a man could have been learning on-the-job skills and bettering himself for the future.

The real motivation that's going on is perfectly summed up by the song "I want to be where the boys are!"

Women get bored on their own, so they horn in on our business, screwing it up if we let them. This is why 'barefoot and pregnant' is a stereotype - because a woman with kids is too busy and satisfied to be horning in on Man World.

Twenty said...

Masters Degree == The world's most expensive, time consuming way to announce that you're a complete and utter moron.

Bachelors? Sure. A BA/BS is sort of required for way-too-many jobs these days, you can get actually useful training if you take the right major (someone should write a book on that), and it doesn't take too long if you get a move on. (A friend of mine did his A.B. in 3 yrs.)

Ph.D.? Eh ... if you love school. At least it's still sort of prestigious.

But a Masters? It's just the Bachelors after your Bachelors. No real additional prestige, minimal additional knowledge (compared to a rigorous undergrad program), a bunch of additional time and additional cost. Plus it sort of implies: "Would have liked to get a Ph.D., but too dumb/lazy/shiftless even to clear that meagre bar".

Anonymous said...

I put an ex-wife through college for a degree in dietetics/nutrition (no public subsidies). She graduated, went straight into marketing and never used that degree. All this happened after the divorce, so I didn't even reap the benefit of her being in the workforce (while we were married she didn't work a day)...she volunteered a lot, though.

Made sure the next wife was the complete opposite...lesson learned!

S. Harvey said...

A masters is the snooze button of life.

Go out there and see what your BSc can do, if you find yourself wanting to specilize and a masters allows you to do that go for it. But to take a master after a BSc does nothing except make you 1 or 2 years older than your peers.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why we don't have enough MD's? Half the class are women who work at most 50% time or less. I'm married to one. When I have to call a provider about a test result the women providers are almost never there. They have another woman "covering" who does not know the patient or what to do with the results. Obama care may tank the US health system, but all the women have started the decline.;