Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Walker Recall Fraud

Received this and believe it is something worth forwarding to anybody who lived in Wisconsin as I truly believe the Wisconsin teacher's unions are absolutely 100% prepared to commit voter fraud.

A web site has been set up which will alert you if it is discovered that unknown to you your name and signature appears on a Walker Recall Petition. If you are interested there is no work except to add your name to the site which has the name verifytherecall.com Should you be listed among the signatures of dead or false signatures the crime includes identity theft. If interested several minutes of computer time will assist the monitoring system which is not yet operational. Anyone living or dead outside of Wisconsin is also potentially included in the petitions thus far checked .

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many fake/dead names were signed up including the following:
Alfred E Neumann
Adolf Hitler
Eddie Gein
Jeffrey Dahmer
Fred Derf
Snow White
Papa Smurf
Amanda Hugginkiss (Bart Simpson's favorite)
Frank Furter
Baron VonRichthoven
P T Barnum
and a few more I can't note here for decency.

I think I'll add checks for my late father and mother, aunt and uncle.