Friday, January 13, 2012

You Just Can't Make This Up

This kid, is not only wrong, but he is going to get SOOOOOOOO screwed over as he ages. Regardless, it is some hilarious entertainment for the weekend.

big hat tip.


Aynsley said...

Aww, that kind of idealism is cute. Right up until his girlfriend decides to quit taking her birth control, and then takes 65% of his paycheck as his unquestioned support.

I love it when you can see the train wreck coming. It makes me want to make popcorn.

Anonymous said...

That article reads like it was written by a woman.

Ryan Fuller said...

I don't usually go for the whole "alpha/beta" paradigm of social analysis, but the strongest impression I have of this kid is that he believes so desperately in being a beta that he is trying to convert others.

WooZoo said...

That dipstick is a lunatic and a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Aynsley -

I just love your last comment. A priceless belly-laugh!

I'd have to say he's castrated himself - not physically, but virtually - his mind has no balls.

Is there such a thing as a gamma male?

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I was smiling as I read through the article, then I got to this line and laughed out loud:

"Here lies [your name]. He wasted his life on sports, movies, video games and porn. He died alone in a nursing home."

I'm picturing that as a toast at a raging three day long wake. lol.

Ryan Fuller said...

"Here lies [your name]. He wasted his life on sports, movies, video games and porn. He died alone in a nursing home."

Correction: "Here lies [your name]. He wasted his life on sports, movies, video games and porn. He died in a nursing home surrounded by his friends who shared his interests in sports, movies, video games and porn."

Apparently we're supposed to believe that prostrating yourself before a woman until she decides to abscond with your children and most of your paycheck is a better way to avoid a lonely death in a nursing home. I guess if the plan is to put a nursing home beyond your financial reach, he's got it all figured out.

Izanpo said...

Couldn't get past the third paragraph.

From what little I read, it appears Estrogen-Boy has managed to construct a nonsensical paradox: The solution to all of society's ills is for beta males to man-up, take initiative and take control of the situation - a transition that would make them ALPHAs, which is very very very bad, of course.

CBMTTek said...

Did this guy do more then 1/2 second of research?

Obviously, he has absolutely no idea about the real numbers he is talking about. Does he seriously think that one (or a handful) of the hundreds of thousands of Gov employees looking at porn resulted in a financial crisis? Even if Bush did nothing other then look at porn for the entirety of his two terms as president, the result would not be a financial crisis. In fact, I would argue that having Gov employees look at porn, instead of monkeying with the financial system of the country could only IMPROVE the situation.

As to the rest, clueless, not a moments thought, and so far away from reality it is almost not worth talking about.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this article is a FAIL.