Monday, January 09, 2012

I Love Diana Olick

Why can't there be more women like her?

On a related note, my book "Behind the Housing Crash" is now 99 cents on Kindle, on. How can't you buy it? Heck, just as a joke even!


Mike43 said...

Talk to smashmouth and get a version for Nook, as well.

maxx said...

I paid $5 for 'Worthless' and thought it was well worth it.

Captain Capitalism said...

My mistake, I meant to say it was the book on the housing market. Not "Worthless." Worthless is still $5.

Though if you liked it Maxx, certainly feel free to write a review!

Anonymous said...

RE Diana Olick, I heard a Donald Trump interview recently and the host asked Donald what he thought of the stock market.

The Don responded that he doesn't follow the market, he's more targeted to real estate. He thought in selected markets, real estate purchased for renting purposes can be a very good investment for many Americans.

Don, meet Diane. Diane, this is Donald.

I'm starting to be tempted to buy few decent single family rental units, but not in Mpls or St. Paul.