Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good News Everyone!

The socialist state known as "California" is going to run out of money. Fry, I want you and Leela to go the California and see if you can pick up some of the few remaining conservatives in an effort to expedite their capital and intellectual flight. Zoidberg, see if you can go there and mock all the liberals and just generally annoy them.


Anonymous said...

Can't happen soon enough.

Eric B said...

On the mobile version of the web page article was a list of other articles. One was relevant. "California state and local workers amongst the highest paid."

Anonymous said...

And here I'm trying to relaunch a nutrition and supplement business out here. Gah, hard thinking of living anywhere else in this country but if I have to it has to have a beach near it. Florida still a decent state or is that ready to fall into the Atlantic?

Jay said...


Well considering they overwhelmingly voted for a big-government Liberal RINO and on John Stossel's blog he found that Florida law states vending machines have to have a sticker on it for the sake of having a sticker on it....you can scratch Florida...in fact you should just scratch America cause I can't find any state other than the boring ones like the Dakotas (Sorry Captain) and Wyoming being worth living in.

Anonymous said...

Bah! It wasn't a "will run out of money" story, if you read it, it was a "will run out of money UNLESS" story. Cheap thrill for the evening.

grerp said...

Detroit is now paying its vendors on a "When we get the money" basis.


Anonymous said...

California has truly worked very hard to bankrupt and truly deserve what is happening to them.

Let's hope that the Federal Government doesn't bail them out with our money.

Hey Anonymous - Texas has some decent beaches.

Legion said...

I second Texas. Particularly, South Padre Island has beautiful beaches. Galveston beaches are good too, but too many oil rigs in the distance.

Of course we have to use the way back machine to get back to the time that I lived in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Californian conservative here.

I am (surprisingly) pretty happy about this piece of news. Our liberal twits constantly vote for higher taxes, more welfare for illegals, and other things that make me want to scream.

Unfortunately, Cali is a really beautiful place that is actually warm in the winter (over 60 degrees outside as I speak).

I agree that if this state of idiots fail, nobody should bail them out.