Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Richard Warman - The Epitome of Crusaderism

This blog was originally created as a data depot to provide and supply people with empirical evidence and data about economics, financial markets and politics. The goal was to provide people the ammunition to fight back socialism by simply pointing out the truth. After several years of throwing up some amazing data and research, it slowly dawned on me that the real battle wasn’t being fought on data and statistics, but rather on a psychological front. More specifically, people on the left plain don’t care about data, statistics, empirical evidence and truth, you have to fight them on a different front – psychology.

This presented a paradox because as Mark Twain said,

“Never argue with an idiot. Onlookers can’t tell the difference.”

Precisely how do you argue with somebody who has not an ounce of intellectual honesty in them? How do you argue with somebody who has no desire to get to the bottom of things and is so infected with cognitive dissonance they are mentally impaired. Worse still, how do you argue with somebody who fully well knows what they doing, but have no problems lying to your face because pushing a particular political agenda (no matter how unsustainable or detrimental to society) will profit them at the expense of future generations?

The answer is simple – you can’t.

Thus the blog metamorphosed from one of empirical data so merely pointing out and mocking the idiocy, ignorance, stupidity and outright evilness of the left. Since this transition (and as I’ve read and written more), I’ve realized that not only is this war not being fought on the empirical side of things, but there are three specific and key fronts it is being fought on:

1. Feminism
2. Education
3. Crusaderism

Crusaderism arguably being the most important one.

Now I didn’t create the videos on Crusaderism for s’s and g’s. I created them because after a lot of research, studying and reading, I was able to identify people who are the biggest threat to liberty, freedom, justice, progression and happiness. I was able to identify EARLY ON, through traits and characteristics, people who are on this planet for themselves and have no problem enslaving or using other people for their advancement and enrichment. It is arguably one of the best political tools or observations that has ever been developed and can not only identify who is your enemy, but fully explain their psychology so you can understand them and ultimately stop them from reigning tyranny over your lives.

So when I see crusaders fighting against freedom, you kind of all know what I do.

Without looking, I ask:

“Somebody tell me what this person’s background is”

And sure enough, my cracker-jack team of Deputy Economists go and research the individual in question and sure enough some common traits come up:

1. They have a worthless under grad. The reason why this is important is it shows you, that early on in the person’s life they had no desire to be a contributing member of society. They wanted to major in fluff and by that sole act they are yelling at the world “I want the rest of you to take care of me while do what I want to do, not what you would pay me to do.”

2. Because they have a worthless degree, they then pursue careers that are not of the skill level, like say, flipping burgers or laying sod. No, their egos are much too big for that. They then go into law or politics or activism where they can champion some kind of “crusade.” This does two things, it bloats their precious little egos, but it also provides them a “moral defense” of sorts they can hide behind. So when a rugged, no-nonsense guy like me comes in and exposes them, they go and run and hide behind “the children,” “the environment,” “the poor,” “the oppressed,” etc. etc. etc.

3. They come from the richer castes of society, which affords them the luxury of protesting like an OWS protester.

There are other traits, but those are the key ones. And the reason I do that is to show you THERE IS A RELATIONSHIP. THERE IS A TREND. I’m not just getting lucky, I understand these megalomaniacs’ psychologies. I'm onto something and there is merit in identifying Crusaderism.

So today’s crusader is Richard Warman. He has sued bloggers in Canada because they are (as far as I can tell)right wing. I didn’t know about him until I saw this.

I know his lawsuits are dated, but anybody want to go and check to see, once again, if he has a degree in engineering or accounting? Or if he majored in Puppies and Unicorns? Also, I'm willing to bet he came from a nice upper-middle class family that could afford him to pursue this as a "career." Anybody want to confirm the Old Captain?


adam van den Hoven said...

He's a lawyer, but according his page on Wikipedia:

Warman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from Queen's University, a Bachelor of Law from the University of Windsor, and a Masters of Law from McGill University.

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered, are leftists evil or stupid? I have come to the conclusion that they are evil. Granted, a lot of them fall into the "useful idiot" class. These are mostly people who have no skills but are highly educated in unicorns and puppies. The left made a priority of controlling the institutions, which allows them to create the useful idiots. It was reading Ann Coulter's "Treason - Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism", and Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" (and a life time of personal observation that made me come to the evil conclusion. - minuteman

Mr. Bob said...

Not that I can complain about lawyers with fluff undergrad degrees (much to my shame and regret) but at least I don't anonymously post real hate speech online and then sue anyone I don't like for posting "politically incorrect" speech.

From Warman's own website:

After completing a degree in Drama from Queen’s University, Richard worked at the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto for several years and traveled abroad before returning to law school for his LL.B. (Windsor) and LL.M. (McGill).

Following his law degrees, Richard clerked at the Federal Court of Canada and has subsequently worked at a number of federal government departments including the Solicitor General, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and the Department of Justice. In addition to his day job, Richard is proud to continue a long family tradition of military service as a commissioned officer with the Canadian Forces – Judge Advocate General (Reserve).

Covers his degree, the fact that he could travel abroad and work at a soup kitchen, and the long family tradition of service as a Reserve JAG officer. Definitely a fluff degree and enough financial support (whether from family, a trust fund, inheritance, or maybe even family-supported lawsuits) to not have to work for a living.

Anonymous said...

One again, the Captain is right.

Note that this is not the only Liberal Fascist who used big government policy to empower and enrich themselves.

As much as I like your term of crusaderism and how it can be either left or right, I think we are far more at risk of damage by Liberal Fascism (including the MSM) than we are of Conservative Fascism.

Anonymous said...

Didn't some engineer sue you?

Captain Capitalism said...

Yep, his name was Sanjay Krishnaswamy. Impersonated me, and then hid under (quite the same) anti-SLAPP law this coward did. Unforuntately because I was a radio show host I was deemed a public figure and lost the suit. Oh, that and the Berkeley California judge being a member of La Raza didn't help either. wasn't an engineer, some kind of biology chemistry guy.

Anonymous said...

That name was all I needed to get the legal records. I'm giving these to my lawyer; he'll see what your options are.

Captain Capitalism said...

Heh, find a court system that isn't packed with with socialists activist judges.