Wednesday, January 04, 2012

He Spoke the Truth, Kill Him!

This is why I like Alan Greenspan. He has the ability to clearly, with a minimal amount of words, explain what is going on.

What is better though is to look at the comments. Veritable adult children crying over the fact we all can't just loaf off the government for a living. And this is from NBC. You know, where all the "adults" get their news. Acting like a bunch of cry baby children. I find it so intriguing how humans are so capable of denying reality.

Enjoy the cheap nursing homes! No matter how much you don't want to believe you'll be living in one!


Anonymous said...

Alan Greenspan in the 60s when he wrote an essay defending the gold standard = Thumbs up

Alan Greenspan after the financial crisis when he started speaking the truth on the US fiscal situation = Thumbs up

Alan Greenspan when he destroyed the world economy with consecutive runs of too low interest rates and built the largest debt bubble in the history of mankind = Not so much thumbs up

Ryan Fuller said...

'Savecapitalism' pretty much nailed it. I remember reading 'Gold and Economic Freedom' back in 2005 or so and thinking, "What the hell happened to this guy?"